Monday, 16 September 2013

Beauty & Hair Basics Over The Years Good & Bad

Interesting title or not? I suppose only having a read will you decide but I thought as I'm blogging the whole of September I would throw a few things in the mix to break it up and not only that we can always relate to some personal things. I previously written about my past in which I had spoken about  bullying and now I'm going to talk a bit about confidence. Growing up I had none due to how I had been brought up plus one of my parents strong religious beliefs, plus not being allowed to express who I was as a teenager right up to age 18 and not being allowed to wear makeup, I actually used to hide makeup in a box in a lane by my house and grab it on my way out and stick my Rimmel Heather Shimmer lipstick on so at age 19 I basically "ran away" even though I was old enough to leave of my own accord. The first thing I did was grow my hair as it was cut like a boys.

So I began to have my style evolution then over my later years when most people are doing it in their teens. This was my list of what I thought was right.

1. I had to bleach my hair bright blonde (I thought to be pretty you HAD to be blonde) no disrespect to anyone who's not or to anyone who is now.  So I had bob length WHITE hair but looking back now it was probably yellow.

2.  I had to go out with the shortest dress on you had ever seen in your life, (flaunt it right) and to be then it wasn't show off either legs or cleavage it was both.

3. Cake your face in foundation it doesn't matter what shade as long as you can't see any skin, the oranger the shade the better.  And layer after layer.  (Radioactive my face looked)

4. Blending eyeshadow that was a big no no, I caked on loads of black shadow all over the lids.

5. Eyeliner rules! Well in my case the whole pencil did because I literally used half of one to line my eyes.

6. Wash your makeup off before bedtime, what was that, I think I wiped a wet tissue over my face and wore the makeup the next day.

7. Highlight your face with some blusher, again this was to the extreme I didn't know where to stop and thought more was less.

So what am I getting at?

I'm just showing basically I've made LOADS of mistakes in so many things and as I started later its taking me longer to get myself together. But you only get to see who you are through trying all different looks, whether clothes or makeup hairstyles and skincare. Unless we try different things we won't know what suits us. 

My take on it all now is:  Look after your skin!!! You only get one.... So when people say use sun screen don't think nag nag do it!!!

And wash your make up off every night (goes without saying)

And moisturise every day and night it may take a while finding what skincare suits you, but that's the great thing about us girls/boys for shopping we can go out and most stores offer samples, so get them and try them out.

Your makeup we know that foundation shouldn't be mask like its there to enhance our skin. So if you need to wear it test it on the side of your face at the jawline and check it in natural light to see if you have a good match.

Makeup if you go heavy on the eyes DON'T on the lips.....

Clothes: there's nothing worse than seeing beautiful girls with everything hanging out, it's not a good look and I cringe now (it was me) I mean the everything hanging out. It's so much nicer to be a bit more understated.

I bet your thinking weirdo why have I got the Statue of Liberty on my page well you can guess its in my blog title and its my daughters name, one of the reasons I called her LIBERTY was I liked it, and it means FREEDOM, after years of not being able to me myself when I was free I've became me and I thought that was important in her name.

We are all free to be who we want;;;;

So I'm not saying to have Purple hairs not cool or to experiment with makeup looks isint either I'm just saying for me it's taking me YEARS to get to somewhere I'm happy with I have my own style and I do my makeup for me I like it and I'm confident in me.