Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Clay Spray Glow Red Clay Masque

I love face masques and I've mentioned this one before but thought I would do a little review of it as I've been using it for a little while now. It's from CLAYSPRAY and I chose the GLOW one which has mineral rich red clay in.

Clayspray as a brand use natural sourced mineral clay for their products and there are several different masques available suited for different skin types.

The one I chose has spring water in and cacao,  it's easy to use, you can either spritz your face with the mineral hydrate h20 spray you get if you purchase any of the Clayspray masques from FEELUNIQUE. you get this free.  If you haven't got the hydrate spray you can just wet your face. You squeeze a little into your palm and then rub into your face avoiding the eye area.  You leave this to dry, so it goes from rich and chocolatey to dry and obviously masque like.  I've photographed the process to show you how it looks when it's in it drying process.  To get if off you simply rinse with lukewarm water.  I normally do this when I have a bath as I think the steam helps the masque soak into your skin better.  Plus it's easier to wash off in the bath.  The water looks like something from Charlie and the Chocolate factory once it's rinsed off.
The results are a really clean looking face and does give you a nice natural looking glow I really like it.

And final one all dry::::