Sunday, 15 September 2013

Especially Escada Perfume Review

I have really wanted a new perfume for ages and I've literally been trying to spray bottles that I've left  in my bedroom that are virtually empty so I've just been spraying nothing in thin air hoping I would smell nice.  As a lady or man most people are just not happy smelling of shower gel and deodorant but like to smell of aftershave or perfume.  I'm not a fan of body sprays but maybe that's because I haven't found one I liked as yet.
So you know what's its like when your stuck behind a perfume counter loads of pretty bottles and celeb inspired perfumes it's a difficult choice to make.
I usually pop in my local Superdrug on my lunch hour and spray loads of different ones but get back to work and I've forgotten which is which on my wrist.

One I had toyed with was EspeciallyEscada so after spraying it solely on my wrist for weeks I went back and bought it.

It comes in a hot pink box very girly I would say.

In a nice square bottle with a gold topped lid and Escada on the bottle in gold lettering.

So you ask enough of the bottle and the box what does it smell like?

Well the notes in it are pear and musk rose and ylang ylang.. When it's first sprayed it smells quite heavy and I wasn't sure of it.  But truthfully there are very few perfumes I first smell and instantly like the smell has to settle down and become your smell.  Something that smells hideous on you may smell lovely on someone else and vice versa so it's always a good idea to try it on you before buying. But I think everyone knows that, I've done that so many times thought a perfume smells gorgeous on a friend and just bought it, wore it and then smelt of cat pee all day.  Yuck.
But back to the perfume once it settles down the pear and rose smell comes through and smells fresh and pretty.
I think it's more of a summery fragrance but its not going to stop me wearing it.

What's your favourite perfume?


This is available from Superdrug and cost me £32.00

Lots of love

Laura xxx