Friday, 13 September 2013

Friday Fashion What I've Got On

Fridays are my favourite day of the week. It's my day off work and the day before the weekend. I'm sure if you are reading this you probably love Fridays to as it may be your last day of work and time to wind down a bit.
For me a Friday is school run first and then normally clean my house from top to bottom but I'm not going to bore you with well I just polished my table YAWN! I'm just going to tell you what I shove on clothes and makeup wise.

My blog is normally about makeup and skincare and bits in between so here is the in between.

I picked up a gorgeous jacket from Primark but on the Asos website.  I don't like casual clothes on me   So wouldn't wear jogging bottoms out the house (my choice) wouldn't criticise anyone who does I just don't like it. But I liked this jacket as its light weight and perfect for shoving on to do the school run. Why I love it because the arms are sequinned, and I liked the khaki colour.

The one above is Asos picture unfortunately my legs don't look like that....but that's the jacket and the plus is its retailing at £22.00

I really like it I think you can wear it with a lot of things and make it look different. The rest of my look is a plain cream top from Next and navy skinnys and navy wedges. I shoved on a leopard print scarf with it just to complete the school run.

Ah it's a very tired not well looking mug today!  I just shoved my hair in a low ponytail and on the face, YSL touche ├ęclat foundation and my YSL nude lipgloss/lipstick and a mix match of other products.

It's quite basic and I'm not loving my hair but when your rushing in the morning and wiping childrens faces and hands I just wanted to have a simple no fuss style.

So there we have it, il go and clean now or maybe il have a cup of tea....


Laura xxx