Monday, 2 September 2013

L'Oreal Mythic Oil Review

After a long boiling hot summer which I've loved every minute of the gorgeous weather and I hope you have to.  But the good weather and blazing sun has caused havoc to my very dyed and now frazzled hair has been crying out for something,  I do use good products on my hair and try not to straighten it unless I'm going on a night out. But I really needed something to really sort it out.  So I was having a look through FeelUnique and saw the L'Oreal Mythic Oil I had read quite a lot of good reviews on their site but figured as most people do I would try it and then write my own review.

So I've tilted the bottle in the picture so you can see the oil in there it does look like a bottle of olive oil you would pick up in the supermarket but the good thing is it doesn't feel like that would, and the smell luckily is not the same.
To use the Mythic Oil you can use it two ways either wash your hair then towel dry it and apply the oil (sparingly) depending on the length and thickness of your hair.  Then blow dry your hair or leave it to dry naturally.  Or you can wash your hair then condition it dry it as you usually do then once it's dry then you can use the oil on your dry oil, I haven't done this as yet so don't know what the results are with it this way.  But for my hair which is fine and just below my shoulders I put a tiny bit in my palm on the towel dried hair then dry it and my hair was soft as it was before I chemically abused it.
And I mean beautifully soft plus the smell is so so gorgeous so not only would I highly rate it, it will be a permanent feature in my bathroom cupboards.

I've used this and my daughter has and she has natural curly hair and she loved it to In fact so much so we are sharing it but I think it will last for ages.  Good thing is I'm glad it will as I looked on Feel Unique tonight and it was sold out.

So you could try lookfantastic to see if you can pick it up from there.

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