Tuesday, 17 September 2013

My Love Affair With "Next"

Yes I am showing you a picture of my bedroom this time of year I love closing the curtains getting into bed watching tv its the cosiest thing ever. I really like my bedroom it might not be to everyone's taste but I love it.  I got nearly everything from NEXT, I am a bit addicted to Next I like it because most things seem to match well together and they all co ordinate.

My walls are all white apart from the feature on which is a Dulux one called TEAL TENSION I love it.  I've got loads of fluffy cushions on my bed to which basically are just there for the pretty factor they have no function as they look nice.  My bedding is clearly teal to and again from NEXT I used to iron it every time I put it on the bed but I soon wished up to that am I mad? The material is a bit weird so it took me hours so I knocked that on the head.

And yes I am mad but that's a tiny pic of my lovely sparkle rug it's so soft I could probably sleep on there if I wanted to its so comfortable.  I've got this at the foot of my bed as I think it sets the room off and breaks up the light carpet.  I've got little silver accessories dotted round and my forever present YankeeCandles.

My massive mirror on the feature wall is one of my favourite things in the room from NEXT as well it looks like it would be heavy but it's actually really light.

So there you go my love of NEXT

I'm not affiliated with Next in any way I just really love there homeware and all items were bought by myself.

Have you got a favourite room in your home?


Lots of love

Laura xx