Friday, 6 September 2013

My Love Of Yankee Candles

When it comes to Yankee Candles I have severe issues in that I will be honest I'm addicted to them. The smell of them is just amazing and there are so Many gorgeous smells.  The above two I have are Coconut & Lime and Honey Blossom these smell so good but I'm tending not to buy the bigger jars anymore as I buy the tarts as below.

Yes I guessed it you agree I have a problem in the tarts I've got are:::

Black Coconut, Honey Blossom, November Rain, Pink Dragonfruit, Fireside Treats, Pineapple Ciantro, Midnight Jasmine, Beach Wood, Beach Flowers, Soft Blanket, Honey Blossom, Lake Sunset

I'm preferring the tarts now as they are most cost effective when there are offers on you can get ten tarts for £10.00. I bought a tart Burner for £7.00 from eBay and literally what you do is take the wrapper off the tart place it on the top of the burner and put a unscented tea light underneath light it and the tart melts and releases the smell. You can smell the tart all over your home,  then to remove the tart let the burner cool down pop it in the freezer upside down for twenty minutes and the tart will just slide off.  You can use the tart for about 8 hours but I'm finding they do last a bit longer than that.  There are such lovely flavours in these a smell for everyone and what I also love is even before you take the foil off the tart you can smell the fragrances.  So you can leave them in your drawers and they will smell nice to.

And there's my tart burner, but I'm actually going to buy an electric tart burner, it works on a similar way to the one above however the electric ones you plug in and you don't need a tea light to melt the tart.  You pop a tart on the top and the heat burns it.  They retail at around £20.00 so not to bad price wishes.

My favourites at the moment are: Black Coconut & Pineapple Ciantro

What are yours?


Laura xx