Saturday, 21 September 2013

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask Review

I always say about my love of face masks as I feel they are essential as part of any beauty regime. This is my second product from Origins I'm kind of an Origins newbie but I had read some really good reviews on this face mask and I loved fact you leave it on overnight so I ordered it.

I've got the 50ml size and after thoroughly cleansing my face and getting all my makeup off I squeezed some of the mask into my palm and then rubbed it into my face. It does soak in quite quick so I applied another lighter layer on.  It feels a tiny bit tacky then so I didn't go straight to bed because I didn't like the idea of my face being stuck to the pillow.  But if you give it half and hour or so it should be fine.

Smell wise the mask smells really fruity this may be because it contains rosé, bitter orange, flower oil, apricot oil, black currant seed oil, and a lot more too many to list and you can smell the fruit when the mask is on your face, I wasn't sure about the smell at first but it goes soon anyway.  It's not horrible it's just different. Maybe it was to late in the night for me to be appreciating fruit smells.

The mask has a lovely creamy texture and is nice to put on your face.
So what happened in the morning, well I went straight to the mirror after I had come round after getting out of bed, and my skin looked plumped up glowing and like I had slept for 10 hours when I had slept for about 6.  So in terms of mask buying this in my opinion is a holy grail.  My skin is quite sensitive and can be quite oily. But in the colder months my skin can look really dry and dehydrated so this mask would be great for a pick up.

What's your holy grail in mask terms?

Laura xxx