Sunday, 8 September 2013

Rodial Brazilian Clear Self Tanning Gel Review

I've used Rodial skin products before but I had no idea they had any tanning products until I had this sample size in I think it was in Elle Magazine I  haven't used any tanning products up till now as I did have a natural tan as our weather has been nice.  Moving into autumn now my skin has gone back to c thru white. So last night I thought I'd have a little go with this Clear tanning gel. I exfoliated my skin like the tube says and moisturised.

Put some on my trusty mitt from Superdrug and off I went.  The colour is a light creamy one and I gave it the sniff test meaning smelling it to see if it smelt like biscuits and to be honest it actually smells nice I can't really say what it smells like but it doesn't smell gross like some self tans do.  So I literally used the mitt and rubbed it into my arm and then the tan goes clear on your arm so easy to see to rub in as it looks wet.  Off I went to bed and this morning I got up and there wasn't any tan over my white bed (phew) and I'm very pleased with the result. And forgot to mention the tan absorbed really quickly into my skin to so no flapping round like a bird trying to try yourself.

And this is my arm I think this is a lovely colour not too dark not far and not orange.  I would only do one coat in the winter as to be tanned to the nines (for me) looks ridiculous to say the least.  But I think that a nice hint of a colour makes you feel a bit better when it's freezing outside and even though I'm wrapped up in head to toe in warm clothes I still feel better even when I see a hint of tan even if its just on my hands.

I probably would never have tried this if I hadn't had the sample so as usual you know me and my love of samples and this is why I love them as you never know if something is right for you unless you have tried it.  And I will 100% be picking this one up in the full size its available from Rodial priced at £17.50.

Do you still tan in the winter?

And what's our favourite?


Laura xxx