Thursday, 5 September 2013

Sisley Masks Reviews

I may be lazy when it comes to something's, but I'm not when it comes to looking after my skin or trying to, and I love face masks!!!
So when it comes to face masks a range with a good rep is Sisley and I've sampled three of them and here's what I think. The one above is the Black Rosé one.
Sisley says that this mask is designed to act on the signs of fatigue and aging to rejuvenate and restore
Vitality and claims to plump up the skin and show radiance.
To use apply 2 to 3 times a week a generous layer avoiding the eye area then wipe off using a cotton wool pad.
What I think:  the mask smells lovely a nice subtle rose fragrance, you are using it often through the week and a largish amount so I would tend to use it twice instead of three. Or you are going to go through the tube too quick and retailing at £      Then you don't want to do that.  And results wise it's my favourite as when you have removed the product my face looked soft clear and full of life.  I love this one.
Priced at £93.00

The next one I have tried is the Sisley Radiant Glow Express Mask this one has red clay in it.

Sisley says this mask gives you a quick beauty boost by reviving tired skin to leave it looking radiant and glowing.
To use:  apply over your face and leave on for five minutes and then remove.
What I think: for a night out this one is perfect as your skin is left radiant and glowing but in the morning I don't notice any long term effects, but as I've mentioned this one is a quick fix solution.
Priced at £62.00

The last one i have tried is the Sisley Express Flower Gel.

Sisley says this mask is a refreshing gel texture mask which is sheer bliss for dehydrated or lifeless skin.
To use:  apply over the face and throat leave on for three minutes then tissue the excess off.
What I think:  again for a night out this is ideal as you get a rested looking face minus the pillow marks or toy car marks in your face that I normally wake up with.
Priced at £78.00

These masks are by no means cheap what so ever so I grabbed loads of samples of them all to see if they were worth the expense.  I loved the Black Rose one and would love it, the Express Flower Gel was nice and my least favourite was the Red Clay one but this was only because it only gave you a temporary glow.
But these are just my humble opinions and you might love them all and think I'm completely wrong or you may not like any of them.

But whatever you think or decide samples are a good way to go as you get to see how the products react on your skin.

I've got samples of all three in a plenty so full sized images are from Sisley site.


Lots of love

Laura xx