Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Versatile Blogger Award

I was recently nominated for this award by Julie & Ashley from twentythirtyglam.blogspot.co.uk they are two lovelies from the lovely United States Of America Florida to be precise not jealous much!!!   So thank you beauts for the nomination.

How it works:
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1. I have moved house over 40 times in my life, that goes with having parents who were in the RAF we were constantly moving!!

2. I love Victoria Beckham, I know she's often heavily criticised for things including her weight, but besides all that she is a force to be reckoned with, ok her singing wasn't up to par but her fashion designing has taken her to another level. Not only that she's always immaculate, personally I'd love to see her a bit dishevelled on time she may be a little more relatable.

3. I have a phobia of bananas I can't even touch them in the supermarket, or peel them and the smell makes me heave.

4. I have four tattoos which I love, hopefully if I live to 80 they will look still like the tattoos do at the moment.

5. I love chocolate, and I think I'm addicted but as yet haven't come across a clinic to help me, so il have to carry on.

6. I'm the most clumsiest person ever, and would fall over a pea, I recently fell face down escalators in new look in full view of everyone.  My pride and knee was so hurt.

7. I have hair boredom syndrome, in that I get so easily bored with my hair, once it kicks in, I'm out buying hair magazines and then will do it that day;;; super impulsive.

My nominees are:

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2. emmaybelle.blogspot.com
3. glamdiaries.com
4. lockedinabow.blogspot.com
5. iththeelephant.blogspot.co.uk
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9. itspaigesway.blogspot.co.uk
10. onefootonthestyle.blogspot.com
11. thestyledoll.blogspot.co.uk
12. cynicalsuzy.blogspot.com
13. charsinsights.blogspot.co.uk
14. crazlins.blogspot.co.uk
15. kielymary.blogspot.com

I'm done thank you again to Julie & Ashley.


Laura xxx