Sunday, 22 September 2013

What I'm Up To Today::: Lifeguard Competition

I've scheduled my first ever post so hopefully will all go as planned and you will be reading it when I think you should be.
I will be over the beach and no not having a nice little stroll not even that glamorous I will watching my little ones doing a lifeguard competition.
Still sound nice well it is really but not when it's windy and I'm getting battered by the rain.  Plus I don't tend to wear mega casual wear and wouldn't be seen dead in surf shorts or that kind of wear, I love it on other people just not me.
All the mums are and look mega sporty and there's me in my slapped back hair and Versace sunglasses and a bit of lip balm (you still have to try)  the mums all laugh at me as I've started to wear  some joggers now. I'm just in awe of all of them they are fitter than fit I walk across the beach and can't breathe.

So through the day the children will compete against lot of other clubs from miles around, theres lots of activities including running and sprinting and sea events.  It's a really fun day and what I love about it, is all the children play together at whatever age.

This was my son in the last competition you can see the determination on his face he takes it seriously.  I love the fact he likes it keeps him fit and burns off all of his energy which he has loads of.

And one of him in the water, he really is a little water baby, I didn't think for one minute he would take to this, he's only eight but when he was little I thought maybe football or rugby you never know but I'm glad he's taken to this.

And there he is at the front one very proud little boy, I can honestly tell you I'm not a pushy pushy mum.  Obviously I'm super proud if he wins because its nice for him, but I don't freak out if he doesn't win, if he doesn't then he doesn't.

If you are wondering where my daughter is, she's always off with her mates down the other end of the beach so a nightmare to get a picture of her.

So hopefully they will do well and that will be my sunday and il pop some pictures on my twitter page of the day and how they do,

Lots of love

Laura xx