Saturday, 7 September 2013

Young Skin Solutions What To Use

When your young coming up to a teenager or before your skin kind of goes mad you can end up with spots and all sorts of things happening to it that didn't when you were small.  So it's important to look after it whilst being careful what you do to it or what you use on it.  My daughter is lucky to have nice skin at the moment but she's got lots of little bumps and spots that have come on her forehead and around her temples but being a young girl who's constantly attached to her phone and ipad cleaning her face and looking after herself is right down the bottom of the list. So after a bit of a lecture this is what she's currently using. 

On her face she's cleansing it with Bioderma which has a bit of a cult following already, but the solution is so gentle it's not damaging to young skin or older.  She just pours some one a cotton wool pad and wipes over her face, it's not to time consuming even for her.

To get rid of any nasty blemishes and spots she uses the Elemis fresh skin range which is designed for young skin, this is the Treatment Gel which to apply to the affected area 2 to 3 times a day, it acts to get rid of any nasties.  So far it seems to be working well as long as she uses it regularly. 

Coming into the colder months she suffers with terrible dry flaky lips and I'm sure lots of you do, so  she uses Lush Lip Scrub in Bubblegum and I have to say I pinch this as well as for one it smells amazing, to use you just scrub your lips then lick off the excess, how easy is that so she doesn't even moan about this, she carry's it with her to school and with her on the weekend we both love this.

How bright is the Bubblegum scrub it's a really girly pink as you can see she's used loads so I think it will be another trip to Lush and il try not to look at anything else, that's going to be a difficult one.

This is one that you cannot not have at any age it's a must, perfect for dry lips, you can even add it on eyelids for a subtle sheen, perfect.