Tuesday, 3 September 2013

YSL Rebel Nudes Collection Coral Mutin Review

This is my review of the YSL new collection of there range of Nude lip gloss or stain its a mixture of all three.  There are eight different shades and the one I have is called Coral Mutin which is as the title suggests has a little bit of a coral tone in but is still very nude and almost sheer despite the colour if it makes sense.

In the range there are pinks, mauves, corals, beiges and a pinky purple colour. I like the range of colours and think with that range there would be a colour to suit most people's tastes. But at £23.50 obviously i have only been able to pick up the one at the moment but money being no object I think I would have bought at least five of them.

The reason they are described as lipstick/gloss/stain is if you put one coat one you are left with a stain on your lip, if you want a gloss look you just let the first coat dry, which is in seconds and then add another coat on the top and you have your gloss. The reason it's a pretty hefty price is because even after eating ok the gloss comes off but you are left with the stain of colour even after a good couple of hours.

So here are my wonky lips but that's two coats of this shade and you can see that you do get a colour
But it's not an oppressive colour.
I think my next purchase will be the Violine Out Of Control shade which is a punchy violet shade but as the one I have suggests as bright as they may look online or in the tube the natural ness of the colour reflects that that's why they have been called Nudes as they have that element of see through ness.

Have you tried these?

And what do you think?

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