Friday, 20 September 2013

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick Review In No. 9

I'm normally a full on gloss girl so I wasn't sure at first when I bought this lipstick how I would feel about it but because they are described as "shine" I bought one.

The YSL lipstick I bought is number: 9.  And is called Nude in Private (woo hoo cheeky) there are nineteen different shades and next on my list are number: 03 Violet Incognito and 19: Fuchsia in Rage and probably another ten of them.

So back to mine:

Initially it's a packaging thing you have to admit its so beautiful a gold case with the YSL logo incased in the middle, I would be seriously cheesed off if the lipstick disappointed me.

And there's the colour in my very humble opinion it's absolutely stunning and I think a colour most people would like and suit.  A very understated nude pink brown if that makes sense.

Sorry about the miserable face, I'm not miserable you feel like a right geek taking pics of yourself, I also need to delete all of the ones like this off my phone, but I do think the shade is really nice. My verdict is the lipstick is really lovely.  It feels really moisturising when you apply on your lips and you do get a bit of a plumped up feeling, the shine is nice it's not too much just a subtle shine.  Doesn't crease on your lips and is very hydrating.
The only put off a whopping £24.00 so it's a very luxurious treat, only you can make the judgement as to whether you could justify spending that much on a lipstick.  But they are lovely and next payday I'm getting another one.


Thanks for reading

Laura xxx