Monday, 21 October 2013

Chanel C C Cream Review

I've only got samples of the Chanel C C Cream as they are currently sold out at the Chanel counter.  So I haven't got a full sized but just reviewing based on the sample sized.  Until recently I had no idea what all the BB and CC abbreviations being bandied around were.  The CC is Colour Correction and I do need that.  My skin is a bit blotchy especially in this weather and does get a bit red, so if you suffer from skin that's a bit stressed and red, open pores and some pigmentation spots then this will be for you.

Once opened the cream lasts for 18 months which is pretty good going so even if you don't use it every day you can rest knowing you can keep it and its not going to go off.

So shade wise it's one colour that suits all, the colour is Beige Rose so a tiny element of warmth in it and obviously the beige.  The cream adapts to your skin so it's not a swatch type product it's purely that shade.  The cream smells lovely a nice fresh clean smell.  The claims are that the cream is enriched with gentle ingredients to cover even the most sensitive skin,  there are moisturising and soothing ingredients within, plus protection in the form of SPF 30 that will still need at this time year.

This is the cream rubbed into my hand, my hands are a little dry this morning so this is how it first looks on my dry hand but it does sink in nice after a little while.  The coverage is not heavy and just gives a nice healthy glow to your skin and a boost to a dull complexion.  

Would I purchase the full size definitely if only I could get it.....

Thanks for reading

Laura xxx