Monday, 21 October 2013

Essie For The Twill Of It Review

I really love nail polishes from Essie and so far have not been disappointed by any of the shades I've bought.  A really fashionable range of colours and as far as last ability goes you do get a good few days out of the polish and it doesn't chip until a few days have gone by.

Again sorry I haven't showed it on my nails but I've already got a polish on my nails that I don't want to take it off as yet.  This shade is called "For the twill of it" you are always get a funky name from Essie.  This particular shade is from the fall/autumn collection and if you take a look at that selection there are some amazing colours but this one is my favourite.

So what would I describe the colour as, well the only way I could really describe it, is you know if you see petrol/diesel that's spilt over the floor and its wet and you get that multi colour sheen.  That's what I would describe and it looks different in different lights.  You get a flash of purple, green, mauve and maybe an old gold colour.  It's one twill of a colour, well nothing wrong with a bit of cheese.

 I know I've done a lot of nail posts but a nice nail is important to finishing off a look.  This nail look is not too much for the day time would be lovely for day and night.

Thanks for reading

Laura xxxx