Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Givency Dahlia Noir Eau De Toilette Review

Yet another sample but sometimes this has to be done or you really wouldn't have any money left at all plus you would by buying things that you might not like if you didn't get a sample.  This is a review of a new perfume from Givenchy called Dahlia Noir translated this breaks down to a flower that doesn't even exist called the Black Dahlia.  So with this name in mind I expected the smell to be 'dark' meaning a mysterious sort of enchanting spices smell.  So does it?

Well no it doesn't.  The notes in this perfume are of rosé and neroli cedar and musk are some.  I've never had a perfume before by Givenchy and to be truthful I've never smelt any by that house either.

So what does it smell like well it's quite fresh to begin with and as I've said before and I'm sure most people would agree with, I never like any perfumes when they are first sprayed on.

Once the perfume dried on my wrist the smell is a little peppery and drys down to a powdery smell and reminds me of baby powder.  I am honest in my reviews and it is only my opinion but I guess it's all down to individual tastes.  With perfume once it's on that smell is with you most of the day so if you don't like it you are really in trouble.  And what is the case with this one.  Well I'm in trouble as I didn't like it in fact it's given me a headache smells tooo powdery and reminded me of something I would spray on my clothes to remove stubborn stains.  Don't let this put you off though as I said it is done to you, you may totally disagree and love it.  So would I buy it no il be leaving this hope it's not going to be under my tree this year.

Has any perfume disappointed you?

Lots of love

Laura xxx