Sunday, 27 October 2013

Halloween Look For Girls

Scary right? I think so.  This is the Halloween makeup look I created on Liberty.  She can't wear face paint and has to be really careful what I/she puts on her face as the last time she had her face painted she woke up in the morning.  Her whole face had swelled up and her eyelids were nearly closed, it was like a milder version of someone with a hair dye allergy.  So everything she washes her face in etc i have to really check it out first.  So I thought I would try scary makeup as sometimes it's more effective than painting all the face anyway.

A nice little scar created with my Rimmel eyeliner, well it doesn't smudge so why not.

Her hair is really curly anyway so I just scrunched it with a fab product by Schwarzkopf  i will list all the products underneath.

Hope we don't have nightmares scary face::::

So I've used Schwarzkopf  got2b glued blasting freeze spray, this is brill I sprayed all her hair with this and it doesn't move.

On her eye lids Chanel Mirifique Illusion D'Ombre which is a black eyeshadow loaded with glitter I lined this underneath her eyes to.

And on the lips a black lipstick from NYX called Penelope perfect to complete the look.

I thought it looked all authentic hope you like it.