Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Halloween Party Ideas and Treats

Yikes it's nearly Halloween and no I'm not the biggest fan, I'm not a miserable person I love all the other events that go on Easter, Bon Fire Night and my favourite Christmas.  The only reason I don't like Halloween that much is all the scary stuff freaks me out, call me a big wuss and I agree I am.  I don't like clowns, spiders or anything.  So being a mum to three children means I can't get away from Halloween at all.
When my daughter was really small I would dress her up as a pretty witch so she was full of sparkle and glitter she looked more like something from Disney than scary. And my two boys were cute pumpkins for years and as they grew up cute spiders, well even I could cope with a CUTE spider, but now they want to be gross things like zombies and freaky stuff and my daughter wants to be a dead school girl with blood all over her.  YUCK.  So pre children I would be the one turning my lights off hiding and pretending to be out.

But not this year oh no full on celebrations I say through gritted teeth.  So on to the supplies where's the best place to get them from well none other than purse and family friendly giant Asda.

How cute is this from Asda a sparkling pumpkin well I do like sparkle, this one costs £10.00 and would like nice on a mantle piece or your kitchen table.

And for the children for their squash and the adults and their wine a Ghoulish Skull Goblet for £2.00 how cool are they.

For all your little nibbles a scary plate a 12 pack of them for £1.00 you can't go wrong.

And some treats for the kids and the kids who come to your door, I've got two of these and they contain loads of retro sweets,  Lucky dips and Palma violets yum yum this is The Sweet Shop Favourites

And on to my personal fauvorite a Haribos a party is not complete without them.

Laura xxx