Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation

Ok so there are a lot of posts around already about lauramercier Silk foundation and justifiably so.  I bought the shade Cashew Beige I didn't swatch it in store and just chose online and kind of hoped for the best.  When it arrived my initial reaction was the packaging is different to most foundations around at the moment in that this is in a tube.  Whereas many foundations are in glass bottles now.  To apply there is a sticker on the lid that advises you to shake the bottle so I gave it a good shake so much so it nearly flew out my bathroom window.  I squirted a bit onto my hand.  I've mentioned before on my twitter that I wasn't really liking the smell of the foundation.  I still feel the same way I know this seems picky, as it doesn't affect the product in any way, and once it's on your face you can't smell it anyway.

So what's the application like, it's a very good coverage, I do suffer from blotches on my skin, but it's not to bad at the moment and spot wise again not bad,  so nothing major to cover.  The application is really really good and leaves you with a flawless finish.  I wouldn't say it's dewy but more like a glow from within type of look.  I put this on in the morning and right through till I get home at 6.00 my makeup still looks fresh.
I would repurchase this but would definitely go in store next time and swatch to get more of a colour to suit my skin colour.

Sorry about the moody look but I'm not great at taking pictures of myself.  But this is how the foundation looks at the end of the day.

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Lots of love

Laura xxx