Friday, 11 October 2013

Lava Handmade Soaps & Cosmetics Review*

I was really kindly sent some samples by Lava a company who make handmade soaps that are natural and don't contain any harmful ingredients.  They do not contain Parabens or sodium lauryl sulphates. I do not buy soaps from the supermarket as I find them really drying but natural products I do.
When I received the samples I couldn't believe how generous they were I had five full sized soaps and not only that they were wrapped in gorgeous pink and white stripy paper bags. So not full of plastic wasteful packaging but very environmental friendly. So to what I had.

So there they are from top across they are called: Honey Fun, Aduki Scrubber, Juicy Jasmine, The Three Bears One, & The Tea Tree One.

So individually::

Honey Fun:

This is one of my favourites enriched with Cocoa Butter & Almond Oil I found this soap to be very moisturising and I use this on my children as well as there skin is left smelling beautiful and soft.

Aduki Scrubber:

This is a scrub bar hence the hint in its name.  The smell of this one was quite strong, but the buffing properties were good.

Juicy Jasmine:

My children's favourite who doesn't like a bath bomb and smelling of Jasmine I think I will be buying some of these for Xmas gifts.

The Three Bears One:

This one smells of oatmeal so a little bit porridge like, not one of my favourites but not an overly strong smell.

The Tea Tree One:

I love Tea Tree and this one smells lovely and has a very lemony smell, this is great for spotty blemished skin, and I gave this one to one of my male friends who suffers from spots all over his chest and stomach and he's raving about it, moisturising & worked wonders was his exact words.

Lava as a brand have some lovely smelling natural products and there products are available to buy online, there products aren't confined to just soap but cosmetics and hair care and gift sets. The products are really well priced and they ship abroad to the USA.

Take a look for yourself:

*PR samples.

Thanks for reading

laura xxx