Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Manual Or Electric Toothbrush?

I have had a manual toothbrush for years & years and never really thought about using anything else. I have always been quite good at replacing it once the bristles started fraying a bit.  Normally if you live in a household with a number of people in it there will be loads of toothbrushes floating round.  I normally colour co ordinate as to who they are for.  Boys would have blue or red and girls pink and purple.

Once they run out there's loads of uses I use them to clean in between my bathroom tiles and round my sink, they are great for scrubbing all those of hard to clean places.

After one of my check ups at the dentist which I really really don't like, the nerves in my stomach before I go to the dentist are intense,  but I know I have to go.
So luckily my check up went ok and my dentist recommended an electric toothbrush.

So I bought the OralB Trizone 1000 as it seemed to have good reviews and was effective at cleaning the teeth.  You get a bristle head for it, the one I chose has a brush like a regular toothbrush but you can get round heads as well if you prefer that kind.  You get a charger base and you literally plug it into your electric socket and charge away.  When the toothbrush is fully charged you clean your teeth by pressing the button you see at the front.  If you are brushing your teeth too hard a light will flash indicating that you are doing that and to release pressure off brushing.  The noise is quite loud when you are brushing but it doesn't bother me, and after 30 seconds the noise decreases and then starts again so that you can count this four times and you know you have brushed your teeth for the recommended two minutes.

So what did I think about it..,well in fairness my teeth feel squeaky clean once they have been cleaned like I have been to the dreaded dentist.  I can't fault it, the only thing that irritates me is charging it up.

You can buy replacement heads's probably more expensive way of teeth cleaning that with a manual but your teeth are important.

If I was going away or on holiday I would take a manual for the ease of it.

I'm not looking back..,..

Lots of love


I'm not affiliated with any dentistry this is just my opinion.