Friday, 4 October 2013

Nail Varnish Storage Solutions

I haven't got loads of nail varnishes because I used to bite my nails but now that I have my nails done i have started buying nail varnishes.  They had been shoved in a box in a cupboard but I decided I wanted to be a lot more organised and store all my things a bit more neatly.  I had seen this box online for a little while but didn't know if I could justify spending quite a hefty sum on a box to store makeup in.  Anyway you can see that I did and I bought a black leather box from QVC  by the renowned nail brand OPI.

So you can see the inside I haven't got lots of nail varnishes I know but you have to start somewhere. The inside of the box is like a hot pink which I love the colour is gorgeous.  And there are individual sections for your nail varnishes.  In my collection I've got lots of different makes Inc. BarryM and NailsInc OPI and Essie and Rimmel.  I've got some lovely natural shades and then some rich darker shades.  I do post some nails looks I've had on past posts.

Underneath the nail polishes you have a drawer that you pull out and that layer is pink also.  I've got nothing in there at the minute but you could what you like in there.  I think I might put cotton wool and nail files in there but if I don't I may extend the nail varnish collection to that drawer.  There is a key to lock it as well if you want to keep little fingers out of it or a sister who pinches your varnishes.
I put it in my cupboard now and everything is all organised and kept tidy and looks nice.  I've got my other makeup in drawers but I need to organise my makeup brushes and eye pencils and I've seen fellow bloggers have got storage solutions from Ikea but I haven't been able to find them I also like the storage solutions from Muji.  I love to be organised and know where everything is I'm sure most people prefer to know where the stuff is.  I'm not though when it comes to my clothes, kind of weird I know but it's all shoved in drawers but I prefer makeup and skincare to clothes -

This is priced at a whopping £50.00 which is a lot I know but bought from QVC this was on to easy pays which means one month you pay half the other half is paid the next month.
It's a lot easier if you want something nice.

Any ideas for storage guys?

And do you like to put things in a place all together?

Lots of love

Laura xxx