Saturday, 19 October 2013

O.O.T.N. Outfit Of The Night::

This is what I would have been wearing out tonight.  My friends are going out and I was supposed to be and I would have worn this.  Few reasons I'm not one I can't afford to and another shallow reason is that I haven't tanned myself.  I know that might seem a silly reason to not go out but I feel more comfortable going out tanned.  Yes I know your probably thinking its dark when you go out and yes it is, but if your happy in your head before your going out you will be happy all night.

So this is quite a bright green dress I bought from New Look in the summer, and the dress has a black underlay underneath.  The dress is a skater style and the material feels a bit weird and is thick so luckily it's not see through.

The back of the dress has a gold zip running through the middle, and ideally I would have worn gold shoes with this but I haven't got any.  You know what it's like every other colour not gold.

These are the shoes I would have worn.  Black platform high shoes with three bows running down the front I think I bought these from Very and I've teamed these with everything I really like them with skinny jeans to.

And makeup wise I tend to go for a full on eye look or full on lip look if I'm going out, I tend to prefer to play up the eyes if I'm honest.  I have the new YSL shocking black mascara and that's gives you dramatic lashes, so I do my lashes with this first and then stick false lashes over the top.  I don't wear massive lashes I buy mine from Home Bargains a discount store, they just give me an extra boost with the lashes, and they are really good and last all night.  I don't end up with them hanging off or like two big caterpillars over my face.  I would have done a glittery nail with my Nails Inc nail varnish.  A bit of a beachy wave to the hair and I would have been good to go.   

So am I disappointed I'm not going out, yes and no, yes because I know I would have a good laugh with my friends, no because I would probably feel terrible the next day, plus it's cold and wet.
At least I feel better for talking myself out of it. Hmmmmm.

Do you plan your outfits a few days before you go out?

And would you feel the need to tan before you go our to and would it put you off if you hadn't.

Thanks for reading

Laura xxx