Thursday, 24 October 2013

Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence

I love Philip Kingsley's shampoos and conditioners as a rule.  I find his products really gentle moisturising and leave my hair clean and soft.  So when I heard he had a Daily Damage Defence product out I was right on that band wagon.  My hair looks like its been through a wind tunnel most mornings and its not from the constant straightening I do because I don't straighten it.  My damage to my hair is from the constant colour changing I do.  I'm surprised I have hair even left on my head to be truthful,  I love how my hair looks after its been straightened as it looks sleek and non frizzy but I can't do anymore damage to it than I am and that's why I don't straighten it


I try my best to look after my hair but sometimes it does seem like a chore.  The only time I'm great at it as when I'm doing my weekly super blitz of my house I plaster my hair in Elasctiser wrap it in a towel and I'm good to go,  but as my hairs a mega auburn colour I'm really trying to look after it.  So if you are curling, tonging, back combing and constantly messing with your hair then we have to look after it.  We are told that to pro long our colour etc then the condition has to be good or at least improved.

So what is my new improved routine, I wash my hair in Philip Kingsley Moisture Extreme Shampoo & Conditioner squeeze out il either use some Moroccan oil or Mythic Oil then spritz with the Daily Damage Defence Spray.  It does seem to make my hair easier to comb through, and it's not so knotty as usual.  I do blow dry my hair or it would be severely rough, 
So has it got rid of my split ends and frizzy ness. Well I'm not sure anything in the world would or will ever get rid of those pests but I do find this a lovely conditioning spray, there's no waste as for me I only use a little bit, as my hairs super fine anyway.

Would I buy it again, yes I would, as it lasts and does make my hair softer.

Thanks for reading

Laura xxx