Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Vaseline Paint The Town Red Review

Who doesn't love Vaseline as a brand I find most of their products very purse friendly and more importantly really skin caring.  I think most people would have the original lip balm in their bags or around somewhere in their homes.  I use it all the time obviously on my lips and sometimes for a nice sheen look I put it on my eyelids it gives you a nice clean look on the eyes.  All my children pinch it especially in the winter as the cold and wind dry your lips right out, and no one likes a dry crusty lip.

So when Vaseline launched their limited edition lip lint I was dying to get my hands on it.  So I did I got it from Superdrug.  The tin is the same size as the original one, the top of the tin has a red painted dripping down look on it and I think that's kind of cool.  The lip tint is red no clues there, it smells really fruity and fun.  The texture is light and is lovely to put on the lip.

This is how it looks on my hand, you get a gorgeous sheer red tint, so refreshingly you do get what it says on the tin.  I didn't photograph it on my lip as I've got the most darkest purple lip stick on today and I think I may need a blow torch later to get it off. But I hope you get to see from the swatch how it looks.

I really really like it, the only downside is its limited edition, which is my ultimate pet hate, I tend to love things that are limited edition and hate it when you can't get products again grrrrrr.

Available from Superdrug £3.49

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Laura xx