Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Winter Icy Nails

I'm really loving doing nail posts at the moment, fun to do and you can create some really cool looks, never boring as there's so many colours around, and not only that there's so many textures of polish like leather, foil, glitter, and more.  So you can create a variety of different nail looks.  This week there will be quite a different selection of colours and looks so I hope you like them.
Today I've done an icy theme, no I know it's not really freezing yet and you can still breathe outside without seeing your breath.  That's normally January/February time and I love that time of year providing I'm wrapped up to the nines.  But I thought it would be an idea to show you some icy/snowy looks and see what you think.

So what did I use? Well you may have seen me feature some of the colours before but there's an new addition in there to,
So from the left is NailsInc South Kensington (Silver Foil) then I've done OPI Alpine Snow with NailsInc Devonshire Street over the top, then OPI Alpine Snow on its own, then lastly OPI Alpine Snow with NailsInc Snowflake over the top.

I love the Silver Foil on its own really lovely and silvery, the Alpine Snow with Devonshire Street over the top is so pretty reminds me of a glittery beautiful ice rink.

The Alpine Snow is gorgeous I love this on its own, white nail varnish is very "in" at the moment lovely for winter.

And the Alpine Snow with Snowflake on top is ok but doesn't showcase the Snowflake effects polish as well as it does on Silver Foil but its still a pretty look.

I had fun doing these looks a bit different and hope you liked them to.

Laura xxx