Thursday, 28 November 2013

Essie Toggle To The Top

Yet another Essie classic, sorry if I'm boring you with all the nail polishes I'm bringing you, I love nail polishes, colours, glitter, bling the more the better.

This polish is called Toggle To The Top and is from Essie's latest range.  There are six colours in this range and this is the most christmassy one I've chosen.

This one is a rich crimson colour with a grown up sparkle to it, perfect if you want to glam up your nails without looking like you have stolen it from barbies collection.

On the swatch above this is two light coats and the coverage was really good, I've had it on my own nails to and the chip ability factor was good it was four days before I noticed any chipping.  

I'm liking so many colours at the moment the way I'm going I will have a different colour on every nail.

What's your Christmas colour going to be?

Laura xx

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Elemis Jasmine And Rose Milk Bath

This is the latest bath range product from Elemis the milk bath in Jasmine and rose.  
To use this I pour some under hot running water close the bathroom door and then pop back in when my bath has run.  Normally I forget and the waters nearly at the top.

The claims are to leave your skin beautifully soft, and this product contains lots of botanical oils to care for your skin.

You can see from my bath that the bath milk is not overly bubbly, and turns the water a little cloudy.  The smell I think Is stronger than I thought it would be, quite light taking a bath whilst eating Turkish delight is what I would compare the smell to.

So the bath milk is very moisturising yet sadly I feel that the original bath milk is the best, I've used it for years, you can actually use it on dry patches of skin and the smell is just creamy and lovely.  I've used it on all my children whereas I would be more reluctant to use the jasmine and rose on them.


Laura xx

Monday, 25 November 2013

Girls Xmas Stocking Ideas

Stuck for some inspiration for what to get your daughter, niece, granddaughter, or friends daughter then look no further.  Just a couple of ideas but everything helps.

First I've chosen it does depend on the age of the child, but it's the Fresh skin Elemis range.  I chose this as Elemis are a lovely brand for skincare, and the fresh skin range is perfect for skin that's young and needs caring for.  A perfect stocking filler or little gift.  Click on the link to see where to purchase.

How cute for a little girl Minnie Mouse stompeez slippers, these would make a little girl very happy.  I've been struggling to pick up the stompeez my daughter wants as I think these are proving to be really popular.  Stompeez slippers click on the link to see where to purchase. 

Another little gift is the Santa Lip Scrub from Lush, there were so many things from Lush It took me ages to narrow it down to one thing, but in the end I choose this.  A cola flavoured lip scrub whats not to like.  Santa's lip scrub click on the link to see where to purchase. 

Hope this helps anyone

Laura xxx

Butter London Nail Varnish In Yummy Mummy

This is my first ever purchase from Butter London, and I bought Yummy Mummy which is a very neutral colour which can be worn on its own, or as a base for glitter polishes to go over.

I really like the colour of this polish as its very neutral which
makes it more than perfect for everyday wear, especially if 
you are in school or work somewhere were you need to keep everything minimalistic.

I like the bottle it's clearly square with a square lid and then you just lift that off and you have the lid as above.

And this is the swatch the colour is beautiful, however it does take a good few coats to get like this, this was three, which is quite a lot for a high end polish.  I haven't put a top coat over it as I don't have any left.  But as far as wearability goes this lasted me for three days before it started to chip off.

Available from Hq Hair click on the link for £13.00

Thanks for reading

Laura xxx

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Oasis Four Of My Fav Tops

Oasis is a shop I will turn to if I need something to wear out for a night out, something for work, or just something to wear on the weekends.  
I've picked out four tops I'm really liking, with Christmas coming doubt il be able to get them all but one would be nice.

The first is the one above a cream jumper with pretty black
lace on it.  I think it would be quite boring without the lace, 
but the lace gives it a bit more of an interesting edge.

Love this one to, pretty shirt covered in butterflies, as long as you like butterflies this one would be up your street if they are not, it won't be for you,  you may guess I do

This jumper is amazing, the colour is bright and fun and the leopard print on the collar looks so nice, imagine teaming this up with leopard print shoes. 

Lastly you may guess I love lace, it's so pretty, this top is smart but without being over the top. Would look nice with some leather look trousers or plain black trousers. 

It's going to be tough choosing which of these are my favourites, but maybe il see which looks the best when I go shopping.

All these items - are available from: Oasis. (Click on the link)

Laura xxx

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate Does It Work?

My skin is literally freaking out now the weather has gone really cold and I've not really noticed it that much until now, if I'm honest I don't like it.  My legs and arms have gone all dry and flaky and so has my face eek.

Normally I have quite oily skin on my face so I don't know 
what is going on.  So I've had to step up the beauty routine everywhere.  

So I thought I would get some oil for my face as apparently oil is good for locking in moisture.

So I ordered the Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate online, this claims to plump, smooth and rebalance the look and feel of your skin.

My thoughts:: well first of all you don't need a lot of oil, I just press one pump into the palm of my hand and then lightly press and massage the oil gently into my skin.  You notice the smell it's like a cocktail of herbal ingredients and my first thought were it really smells like Decleor's aromessence.  Although with this it's a lot bigger at 28ml.

Does it work, well my skin literally felt like it was sucking this in, it absorbed so quickly I think my skin must have really needed it, there was no tacky greasy feeling either which I was glad of.  In the morning my skin looked healthy and glowing.  

Would I buy it again yes especially for the winter months...

What's your winter skin saviour?

Laura xxx 

Friday, 22 November 2013

Essie Luxe Effects

I never make any secret of the fact I love Essie nail varnishes, they are one of my favourite brands although I don't just stick to the same I love others. But in terms of colours durability blah blah bah you can't go wrong with Essie.  So when I saw they had added a new range to their collection the debit card seemed to just pop out my purse. How did that happen? 
So I picked up two of their Luxe Effects varnishes, I bought "a cut above" which is the top one & "set in stones" the one underneath.

So from the top left to right is the luxe effects on their own with silver foil in the middle, then the latter three are the luxe effects layered over silver foil and Essie Maddison hue.

The bottom picture is the luxe effects layered over silver foil then at the end Essie Maddison hue.
Which is your favourite look?
My favourite is the Luxe Effects on their own, why do I like then on their own?
They are more glittery and effective and perfect for the Christmas party season.

Lots of love

Laura xxx

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Label.M Extra Strong Gel*

I was recently sent the Extra Strong Gel by Label.M, this is a new launch from mid November in the UK and globally from December at Toni&Guy and essensuals worldwide.  So enough on that front, you are probably thinking ok why does a person who talks about skincare and fashion want with mens gel?

Good question.  The reason is family wise I have two sons and a daughter, my daughter has already loads of hair products to tame her wild curly hair, the boys the youngest has fine straight hair which I spray with product to the side and my other son has coarse thick hair that looks like a tennis ball if its not controlled.

So here he is, he's a handsome little devil (he's my son so I am going to say that ha ha) but look at the hair, it's wild and the longer it gets the worse it looks. 

And there he is complete with gel on, much better.  So how does the gel perform.  Well pretty damm good I would say.  First of all a bit about it, the gel is clear as opposed to some that are blue.  The smell is really lovely like a clean smell is all I can say.  You can use it on wet or dry hair.  I prefer wetting the hair to pre style it.  And durability pretty good for a rough and tumble boy.  It didnt irritate his scalp, didnt leave white clumpy bits in his hair and washed out well,  so all in all I have to say would I buy this again for my little lad, yes I sure will be.

The Label.M Extra Strong Gel is priced at £10.50

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Clarins Be Long Mascara

I've been after the Clarins Be Long mascara for ages so once I had been paid I bought it.  Something most people cannot run out is mascara and I'm the same!! So after reading quite positive reviews on this I hoped it would live up to its already quite hyped up reputation.  

So the casing is a matt gold light weight square style, which looks like it would be heavy to hold but it's actually really light. The wand is quite short and the bristles are very fine, so I was a little bit worried, but I shouldn't have been.

So here is the mascara on one eye, my other makeup is much lighter than normal so you can see the mascara.

And here it is on both lashes, I actually think that it's really good, you do have to coat your lashes twice, but I would do that anyway, plus as the brush is small it does help to coat even the smaller lashes, so in terms of the bristles length less is definitely more ahem.  

The mascara is available from most good department stores, I got mine from Debenhams for £21.00

Could you cope without mascara? 

Laura xx

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Martha Hill Foot Treatment Cream

I was lucky enough to win some lovely goodies on a twitter competition from a company called Beauty Naturals the range I received was called Martha Hill.  I had some lovely skin products plus a Foot Treatment Cream.  I wasn't asked to review anything from them in respect of winning the competition but I thought I would as I liked the foot cream.

I really suffer from the worst dry feet you have ever seen, in fact if you are a reader of my posts you will know how much I detest my feet and I try everything on them to help.  Also realistically the only thing that would really help would be a blow torch.  So when I get the urge to look after them I do slather all types of creams on them.

So what does the Martha King Foot Treatment Cream do, well first of all it's a product that's cruelty free so that's a plus.  The cream is described as extra rich, I wouldn't personally say its extra rich I've used richer before, that's not to say its not nice it is, fragrance free, I plaster it all over my heels and feet, stand on a towel, clean my teeth and I go to bed.  Why do I stand on a towel, well I've got Lino on my bathroom floor and I've got the tendency to slip especially if I have put foot cream on.  

The cream does sink in really quick so you can go straight to bed without the cream going over your sheets.

Thanks for reading

What TLC do you do for your feet? 

Laura xxx

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Three Of My Favourite Jumpers Under £50.00

Now the weather is seriously chilly outside its time to wrap up. If you are anything like me you don't like the cold or feeling the cold.  But wintertime doesn't mean you have to compromise on style as actually wrapping up can look really stylish.

Ive put together a collage of some of my Favourite jumpers from the high street, I would wear all of them and you can mix and match them with different items to create different looks.

The first jumper at the top of the picture in black is from: Topshop priced at £38.00. I like it because its wooly but with embellishment on the shoulders. Look nice with leather look leggings, or skinny jeans.

The second jumper with two pictures is from Zara and is £45.99 this is funky because has zip detailing at the front and  patches at the elbow. This makes the jumper look different as opposed to a plain jumper.  Again you could team this with jeans or a tartan kilt style skirt and boots.

And lastly a lovely burgundy jumper with sparkle in.  This one is from New Look priced at £19.99.  I love the colour and if you don't fancy a Christmas jumper with Santa on the front or a big robin then you could opt for this one.  You will have the Christmas sparkle plus the colour could remind you of mulled wine.  Again you could team this with jeans, trousers, or leather look trousers.

Hope you like some of the items I've picked, you will look stylish but most importantly warm

Laura xxx

3 Of The Best From "Simply Be" Under £100.00

The party season is upon us, so not only are we stressing about what to buy people, and who we are having for Xmas dinner, and how much money we have to spend, but also what to wear to functions, parties, works does, it's a stress no it's own.

So I've chosen a couple of what I think to be wardrobe 

staples from Simply be.  The reason I've chosen Simply Be, is they offer clothing in Size 14 plus.  I won't bore you with my weight issues but I can range from a small size 12 to the top
end of size 14.  So can struggle to find fashionable clothes.

So the dress above is just perfect and I love it, granted I would stick some spanx on with it, how nice with hair in a side bun heels and bright lipstick. This dress is priced at £50.00

I'm trying to stay away from skater styles as I feel they make my hips look bigger, but I do really like this dress, very stylish but not in your face.  Silver shoes and a silver encrusted clutch would look gorgeous with this one.  And light natural toned makeup.  This dress comes in at £40.00

And you need to wear at least something red over Christmas. So this was a perfect one to feature.  Love the shape of it, this would be very flattering on, and I would pick out the black from this dress, by wearing black heels having a black clutch, I would have to do red lipstick with this one, and maybe rock some loose curls. This dress is priced at £53.00

I hope you like my choices.

All pictures are from theSimply Be website and all products can be found by clicking on that link.
I haven't been asked by them to do this, it's just my personal choices.

Laura xx

Thursday, 14 November 2013

My Harrods Wish List

Whenever I go to London one department store I cannot not go in is Harrods.  Why? I love everything about it from the window displays at Christmas to the vast array of clothes.  

So what better than a Wish list of clothes that I love from there that I've picked out and wish list as they are from Harrods very much designer based fashion. 

So here are my pics:: the three items on the top are by Just Cavalli this is the younger sister to the designer Roberto Cavalli.  I've picked a wearable pair of jeans a gorgeous shirt and a Quilted Coat that wouldn't come off my back as its so versatile and would go with everything. To have a look at other items in this range take a peek:: Just-Cavalli

The middle section is probably my favourite by McQ Alexander McQueen hmm yes please, the cream mohair dress and the black dress I would wear with killer knee high boots but not with a block heel it would have to be a stiletto. Take you right through winter looking chic. I love dresses and boots so smart.:: have a look at the rest of the collection: 

And lastly a range from Emilio-Pucci a simple but stylish top and a pair of black leather leggings granted I would have to lay off the Jamie dodgers to wear them, how lovely with a pair of bright red heels to add a pop of colour to the outfit. This is what I would choose for a night out.  The range is 
synonymous with print so take a look at a funky range Emilio-

I love clothes and putting clothes together on a wish list is something I love doing.  When I was little (a long time ago) I had cardboard dresses and skirts and accessories and you used to stick them on a cardboard cutout of a girl. Oh how times have changed.

What was your favourite from my wish list?

Laura xxx

Sponsored post:: all thoughts and opinions are all my own.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Some Bath time Indulgence Imperial Leather Foamburst Body Wash

Who doesn't love a nice hot bath, candles, and bubble bath I doubt many will say they don't.  So all us bath time lovelies will probably have a vast amount of products to use, myself including, and I tend to use say half of a product get bored and switch onto something else.  I'm trying not to do it or not as much as its such a waste of money.
But I did like the look of the ImperialLeather  Foamburst Luxurious body washes.  It does remind me bottle wise it's a bit like shaving foam but its not.  I bought the Sweet Vanilla & Cherry Blossom fragrance, I like both of those fragrances so I thought this one would be a good place to start.

So you squeeze the foam out of the nozzle out of the top you can see its quite thick and foamy, a little  goes a long way.  And it does feel lovely and silky to put on your skin whether in the bath or shower, this is gorgeous.  This will last a long time depending on how much you use. The smell is not over powering you can smell both the vanilla & cherry but its a pleasant not sickly smell.

I checked the website earlier to see what other fragrances this came in and I wasn't disappointed you can pick up a spicy ginger & orange, honey & almond milk, lime & grapefruit and blackberry & wild fig there was a couple more but I didn't want to bore you listing them all.

In fact in a way I wish I hadn't looked as I've got my eye on about four of the other body washes, so remember what I said about trying to use up stuff I bet I will be in Boots in the week with about four of these in my basket.

Have you tried these yet?

And if you have which was your favourite?

I am loving them and can't wait to snap some more up and they are so purse friendly.

Laura x

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Five Of The Best Ankle Boots

Monday, 11 November 2013

Nanshy Eye Brush Set*

I was lucky to receive the Nanshy eye brush set and couldn't wait for them to come.  When they arrived they were in a flat tray pack nicely packaged.  The brushes are 100% Vegan and cruelty free which is a plus.  The bristles are also Antibacterial so you are less likely to get eye infections by using them.  I've used all the brushes now, I went out last Saturday and used them all and I have to say I am so impressed with them not only are they soft, the brushes didn't shred so I wasn't left with stray brush hairs stuck to my foundation or under my eyes.

The kit contains 7 brushes which are:

Precise bent eyeliner brush
Angled detail brush
Flat Definer brush
Blending eyeshadow brush
Eye crease brush
Tapered crease brush
Large shader brush

The brushes are clearly durable and they are a pearly white colour which makes a change to the variety of black brushes on the market at the moment.  Each brush is labeled which is a plus to me so I'm not stuck to what each brushes purpose is, and I don't use them for the wrong purpose as I've been known to do before.
You don't have to use them for what they say they are you may find they have better uses for what you want them to.

I love the larger shader brush and the blending brush, I don't ever not include eyeshadow in my makeup routine so these brushes are in my everyday kit from now on.  And as I've used them everyday now I've washed then and guess what they still are amazing thank goodness.

This set is available for £29.99 from BeautyStore4u and you can also purchase them by clicking on the link below:::


You won't be disappointed::

Laura xxx