Friday, 1 November 2013

Bon Fire Night

Bon fire night is fast approaching and I absolutely love it.  When I was little I was a right tomboy and used to make my own guy with my brother and we used to do penny for the guy, which if you are to young to know what that is, you literally stand by your guy and say penny for my guy.  No one really does it anymore, it would probably be can i have £10.00 for my guy now, as obviously what can you do with a couple of pence these days. Nothing!!!!

So event wise in your local area if you haven't arranged something, then your area may have events on, that you could go to.  Some may offer hot food and drink whilst you watch a display which makes a good night out.  In my area I'm lucky to live near the seafront and the local council always puts on a fire work display, some years it's amazing other years it looks like they had spent £3.00 on fireworks.

If you don't decide to go to an event and decide to do it yourself, then you could invite friends around which would be nice.  You could toast some marshmallows and have some hot chocolate or if you want a different kind of night some hot dogs and some wine, i would love can make it really fun.

Lots of retailers sell fireworks like Tesco which you have to be over 18 to buy which makes perfect sense.  You can buy fireworks in packs with rockets and all sorts generally the more you spend the better box you will get.

All I would say which will be all over the media and for very good reason no matter what your doing stay safe and be sensible.  If you have young children and they have sparklers make sure they hold them safely and are supervised.  And even adults once a rocket etc is lit stand well back.

But have lots and lots of fun