Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Elemis Jasmine And Rose Milk Bath

This is the latest bath range product from Elemis the milk bath in Jasmine and rose.  
To use this I pour some under hot running water close the bathroom door and then pop back in when my bath has run.  Normally I forget and the waters nearly at the top.

The claims are to leave your skin beautifully soft, and this product contains lots of botanical oils to care for your skin.

You can see from my bath that the bath milk is not overly bubbly, and turns the water a little cloudy.  The smell I think Is stronger than I thought it would be, quite light taking a bath whilst eating Turkish delight is what I would compare the smell to.

So the bath milk is very moisturising yet sadly I feel that the original bath milk is the best, I've used it for years, you can actually use it on dry patches of skin and the smell is just creamy and lovely.  I've used it on all my children whereas I would be more reluctant to use the jasmine and rose on them.


Laura xx