Friday, 22 November 2013

Essie Luxe Effects

I never make any secret of the fact I love Essie nail varnishes, they are one of my favourite brands although I don't just stick to the same I love others. But in terms of colours durability blah blah bah you can't go wrong with Essie.  So when I saw they had added a new range to their collection the debit card seemed to just pop out my purse. How did that happen? 
So I picked up two of their Luxe Effects varnishes, I bought "a cut above" which is the top one & "set in stones" the one underneath.

So from the top left to right is the luxe effects on their own with silver foil in the middle, then the latter three are the luxe effects layered over silver foil and Essie Maddison hue.

The bottom picture is the luxe effects layered over silver foil then at the end Essie Maddison hue.
Which is your favourite look?
My favourite is the Luxe Effects on their own, why do I like then on their own?
They are more glittery and effective and perfect for the Christmas party season.

Lots of love

Laura xxx