Thursday, 28 November 2013

Essie Toggle To The Top

Yet another Essie classic, sorry if I'm boring you with all the nail polishes I'm bringing you, I love nail polishes, colours, glitter, bling the more the better.

This polish is called Toggle To The Top and is from Essie's latest range.  There are six colours in this range and this is the most christmassy one I've chosen.

This one is a rich crimson colour with a grown up sparkle to it, perfect if you want to glam up your nails without looking like you have stolen it from barbies collection.

On the swatch above this is two light coats and the coverage was really good, I've had it on my own nails to and the chip ability factor was good it was four days before I noticed any chipping.  

I'm liking so many colours at the moment the way I'm going I will have a different colour on every nail.

What's your Christmas colour going to be?

Laura xx