Monday, 4 November 2013

Fashion Post Wishlist/Xmas Items River Island Review

I love RiverIsland I find their clothes are on trend and competitively priced in the high street.  I had put on a past post a leather jacket from River Island but unfortunately that was at the higher end of the scale and I couldn't afford to get it booooo. So luckily as luck would have it I've found a cheaper alternative that's come in stock that I really love.  And I'm really really hoping I can get this one. It's a Khaki Faux Fur Front Parka Jacket coming in at £110.00 it's not massively purse friendly I know, but it depends on how you justify things and how often you will wear them.  In my case I'm quite picky when it comes to coats, but once I've decided I like one I will wear it and keep I for years so in that way it's not too expensive in the long run.

Another beauty from River Island a Cream Contrast Bottom Zip Tote Bag,  in my opinion this is super stylish, I think there would be enough room in here for your phone, purse, makeup, umbrella and things you need to carry around with you, plus in my case still wet wipes for my little ones messy hands and tissues for their snotty noses (sorry).  Being cream and black I think this bag is going to match lots of your clothes including mine, and by the look of the material hopefully wipe clean.
This bag comes in at £45.00. This is on my wish list.

This is an item I've actually bought my eleven year old daughter for Christmas and I have ordered this online for her,  the top is cream and has dogs printed all over it, I really hope she does like it, she loves dogs so hoping for that reason as well she will,  this is a purse friendly top I think which came in at £12.00 a nice stylish trendy buy.

Last but not least these are leather look front leggings which I've ordered to match the dog top I've bought.  I love leggings on my daughter as I think they look smart if matched with the right thing, and I would only dress her in leggings if she wears a longish top with them.  Enough said on that, these come in again at £12.00 which again I think is very reasonable.

You may see a few more fashion type posts etc and guides as we approach the Christmas season and I don't know about you, but Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year, plus I love wrapping presents, yes I'm sad but I take ages putting bows and everything on it.

Photos from the River Island Web

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