Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Label.M Extra Strong Gel*

I was recently sent the Extra Strong Gel by Label.M, this is a new launch from mid November in the UK and globally from December at Toni&Guy and essensuals worldwide.  So enough on that front, you are probably thinking ok why does a person who talks about skincare and fashion want with mens gel?

Good question.  The reason is family wise I have two sons and a daughter, my daughter has already loads of hair products to tame her wild curly hair, the boys the youngest has fine straight hair which I spray with product to the side and my other son has coarse thick hair that looks like a tennis ball if its not controlled.

So here he is, he's a handsome little devil (he's my son so I am going to say that ha ha) but look at the hair, it's wild and the longer it gets the worse it looks. 

And there he is complete with gel on, much better.  So how does the gel perform.  Well pretty damm good I would say.  First of all a bit about it, the gel is clear as opposed to some that are blue.  The smell is really lovely like a clean smell is all I can say.  You can use it on wet or dry hair.  I prefer wetting the hair to pre style it.  And durability pretty good for a rough and tumble boy.  It didnt irritate his scalp, didnt leave white clumpy bits in his hair and washed out well,  so all in all I have to say would I buy this again for my little lad, yes I sure will be.

The Label.M Extra Strong Gel is priced at £10.50