Sunday, 17 November 2013

Martha Hill Foot Treatment Cream

I was lucky enough to win some lovely goodies on a twitter competition from a company called Beauty Naturals the range I received was called Martha Hill.  I had some lovely skin products plus a Foot Treatment Cream.  I wasn't asked to review anything from them in respect of winning the competition but I thought I would as I liked the foot cream.

I really suffer from the worst dry feet you have ever seen, in fact if you are a reader of my posts you will know how much I detest my feet and I try everything on them to help.  Also realistically the only thing that would really help would be a blow torch.  So when I get the urge to look after them I do slather all types of creams on them.

So what does the Martha King Foot Treatment Cream do, well first of all it's a product that's cruelty free so that's a plus.  The cream is described as extra rich, I wouldn't personally say its extra rich I've used richer before, that's not to say its not nice it is, fragrance free, I plaster it all over my heels and feet, stand on a towel, clean my teeth and I go to bed.  Why do I stand on a towel, well I've got Lino on my bathroom floor and I've got the tendency to slip especially if I have put foot cream on.  

The cream does sink in really quick so you can go straight to bed without the cream going over your sheets.

Thanks for reading

What TLC do you do for your feet? 

Laura xxx