Monday, 11 November 2013

Nanshy Eye Brush Set*

I was lucky to receive the Nanshy eye brush set and couldn't wait for them to come.  When they arrived they were in a flat tray pack nicely packaged.  The brushes are 100% Vegan and cruelty free which is a plus.  The bristles are also Antibacterial so you are less likely to get eye infections by using them.  I've used all the brushes now, I went out last Saturday and used them all and I have to say I am so impressed with them not only are they soft, the brushes didn't shred so I wasn't left with stray brush hairs stuck to my foundation or under my eyes.

The kit contains 7 brushes which are:

Precise bent eyeliner brush
Angled detail brush
Flat Definer brush
Blending eyeshadow brush
Eye crease brush
Tapered crease brush
Large shader brush

The brushes are clearly durable and they are a pearly white colour which makes a change to the variety of black brushes on the market at the moment.  Each brush is labeled which is a plus to me so I'm not stuck to what each brushes purpose is, and I don't use them for the wrong purpose as I've been known to do before.
You don't have to use them for what they say they are you may find they have better uses for what you want them to.

I love the larger shader brush and the blending brush, I don't ever not include eyeshadow in my makeup routine so these brushes are in my everyday kit from now on.  And as I've used them everyday now I've washed then and guess what they still are amazing thank goodness.

This set is available for £29.99 from BeautyStore4u and you can also purchase them by clicking on the link below:::


You won't be disappointed::

Laura xxx