Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Nuxe 24HR Moisturizing Body Lotion

I've never tried or bought anything from Nuxe before although I had heard really good things about the brand I'd never got round to trying anything by the brand.  After a recent perfume post Escential sent me a small sample of Nuxe 24hr Moisturizing Body lotion. I think you may have guessed I really liked it as I bought the full sized bottle.

A 200ml bottle of Moisturiser comes in at a nice size.  The bottle is tall and slim and is an iridescent creamy pinky colour.
The Moisturiser is enriched with Almond and Orange Petals so is quite a fragranced product, once you apply to the skin it is quite a strong smell but does settle down quickly.


Ideally suited for dry skin, in my case my legs are so dry now due to the wind and cold that we are experiencing now, I've for dry flaky skin on my legs so I exfoliate first and then plaster this on my legs.  The fluid is very light and absorbs quickly into your skin and your not left with a greasy tacky feel which I don't like.  So you can get dressed more or less straight away.  I love how it leaves my skin looking glowy and healthy looking.

I think this is a really lovely good priced moisturiser that works available from £15.00 online and Nuxe is also available from

I've heard Nuxe also do a range of oils so maybe I will give them a try.

What do you think of Nuxe?

And what's your favourite product?

Laura xxx