Sunday, 24 November 2013

Oasis Four Of My Fav Tops

Oasis is a shop I will turn to if I need something to wear out for a night out, something for work, or just something to wear on the weekends.  
I've picked out four tops I'm really liking, with Christmas coming doubt il be able to get them all but one would be nice.

The first is the one above a cream jumper with pretty black
lace on it.  I think it would be quite boring without the lace, 
but the lace gives it a bit more of an interesting edge.

Love this one to, pretty shirt covered in butterflies, as long as you like butterflies this one would be up your street if they are not, it won't be for you,  you may guess I do

This jumper is amazing, the colour is bright and fun and the leopard print on the collar looks so nice, imagine teaming this up with leopard print shoes. 

Lastly you may guess I love lace, it's so pretty, this top is smart but without being over the top. Would look nice with some leather look trousers or plain black trousers. 

It's going to be tough choosing which of these are my favourites, but maybe il see which looks the best when I go shopping.

All these items - are available from: Oasis. (Click on the link)

Laura xxx