Sunday, 10 November 2013

River Island Tote Bag

I've needed a new bag for ages as I've been taking a tan bag to work for years that I've loved but it started to look terrible plus it was splitting and really worn so I was beginning to feel a bit of a scruff bag going to work with it.  So I've been looking for a new bag for a while I did put one on a previous wish list from RiverIsland similar to the one I've bought the only difference between the two the wish list one has cream on the bottom.  I figured the all black one I bought will go with everything I own.
In my humble opinion the bag looks quite designerish but maybe that's just my thoughts.  The detailing is nice with the mock croc look and the little suede hanging item on the handle.  Not sure what its purpose will be but it looks cool.

And there's the inside its more of a mulberry colour actually but the flash has made it look a little pinker.  Inside the bag is quite a lot of space to keep your purse, umbrella, ipad whatever you carry round with you, there's two zip able compartments and my phone will go in one of those. It's not a heavy bag it's actually quite light it looks like it will be heavy but it's not.  The zip section on the front is just for effect.

And the bag is totally plain other than the mock croc the zips are just at the front.

This bag is available from RiverIsland.Com priced at £45.00