Sunday, 1 December 2013

Chanel Le Crayon Levres Rose Ardent

Always a fan of lip liners but not ones that smudge I've used Mac Spice for so long I can't even remember until the last week I've had a bit of a change of heart and gone for a change.

So I bought the Chanel Lip Liner in Rosé Ardent.  Which comes with a sharpener with Chanel written on it.

The colour is a deep pinky colour which you can pair with
pinky shades and reds.  Whatever you choose.

The liner is soft and gentle to use, and the liner stays put and doesn't budge.

I've lined this several times on my hand so you can see the depth, and I really found this colour lovely and I will be using this for a while now.  

A good quality product as you would expect from Chanel and I love it.