Saturday, 28 December 2013

Some Pick Me Up Tips

Hi everyone hope you all had a good christmas, but most importantly got to spend some valuable time with your loved ones.
I had an amazing Christmas Day & cooked for ten and it went well until 6 o'clock when I started to feel really ill.
Don't want to bore you with the details but its taken until today to feel slightly better, it's not ruined my christmas as I've actually rested but its left me looking like i have been dug up.
So I've used a few simple tips to try and help me look a little human.  But not only for me, these could help you if you have  over indulged in alcohol. Oooops.

So water being first I haven't felt like drinking anything but 
just been sipping water with ice in.
My skin looks blotchy & vile so I've use my Liz Earle Brightening Treatment which is an amazing clay mask which smells great and is a joy for stressed skin.

I've caked my hair in Philip Kingsley Elasticizer to try and help it recover.
 And last but not least to sort out the dreaded death breath Listerine.
And do you know what I feel a hell of a lot better for using these.