Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Halloween Party Ideas and Treats

Yikes it's nearly Halloween and no I'm not the biggest fan, I'm not a miserable person I love all the other events that go on Easter, Bon Fire Night and my favourite Christmas.  The only reason I don't like Halloween that much is all the scary stuff freaks me out, call me a big wuss and I agree I am.  I don't like clowns, spiders or anything.  So being a mum to three children means I can't get away from Halloween at all.
When my daughter was really small I would dress her up as a pretty witch so she was full of sparkle and glitter she looked more like something from Disney than scary. And my two boys were cute pumpkins for years and as they grew up cute spiders, well even I could cope with a CUTE spider, but now they want to be gross things like zombies and freaky stuff and my daughter wants to be a dead school girl with blood all over her.  YUCK.  So pre children I would be the one turning my lights off hiding and pretending to be out.

But not this year oh no full on celebrations I say through gritted teeth.  So on to the supplies where's the best place to get them from well none other than purse and family friendly giant Asda.

How cute is this from Asda a sparkling pumpkin well I do like sparkle, this one costs £10.00 and would like nice on a mantle piece or your kitchen table.

And for the children for their squash and the adults and their wine a Ghoulish Skull Goblet for £2.00 how cool are they.

For all your little nibbles a scary plate a 12 pack of them for £1.00 you can't go wrong.

And some treats for the kids and the kids who come to your door, I've got two of these and they contain loads of retro sweets,  Lucky dips and Palma violets yum yum this is The Sweet Shop Favourites

And on to my personal fauvorite a Haribos a party is not complete without them.

Laura xxx

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors Review

I first caught my eye on these little treasures by Clarins on a fellow bloggers post so I thought I would give them a whirl myself as they looked so nice.  They were on and showcased lovely by Sandra who is the writer of the blog.

I ordered mine from were they are currently reduced from £17.00 to £13.80 so I bought two.  The lip Perfectors come in 6 shades, but the ones I bought are on the top Petal Simmer and underneath Nude Shimmer.

They are squeezable tubes that are soft and easy to squeeze out the product.  The applicator s soft and easy to apply to the lip. These are protection for your lips enriched with Shea Butter and Wild Mango and vitamins to protect your lips against the elements,

You can see from my swatch in natural light that the lip Perfectors are very sheer with a hint of colour, so if you are expecting a strong colour or used to wearing brights on your lip these wouldn't be for you possibly.

This one was taking indoors you can see the top one is a nice subtle pinky tone and the bottom an adeptly beige/nude tone.
They smell lovely quite sweet and almost lick able off your lips, a delight to wear plus your lips are kept really moisturised.

Thanks for reading

Laura xx

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Winter Icy Nails

I'm really loving doing nail posts at the moment, fun to do and you can create some really cool looks, never boring as there's so many colours around, and not only that there's so many textures of polish like leather, foil, glitter, and more.  So you can create a variety of different nail looks.  This week there will be quite a different selection of colours and looks so I hope you like them.
Today I've done an icy theme, no I know it's not really freezing yet and you can still breathe outside without seeing your breath.  That's normally January/February time and I love that time of year providing I'm wrapped up to the nines.  But I thought it would be an idea to show you some icy/snowy looks and see what you think.

So what did I use? Well you may have seen me feature some of the colours before but there's an new addition in there to,
So from the left is NailsInc South Kensington (Silver Foil) then I've done OPI Alpine Snow with NailsInc Devonshire Street over the top, then OPI Alpine Snow on its own, then lastly OPI Alpine Snow with NailsInc Snowflake over the top.

I love the Silver Foil on its own really lovely and silvery, the Alpine Snow with Devonshire Street over the top is so pretty reminds me of a glittery beautiful ice rink.

The Alpine Snow is gorgeous I love this on its own, white nail varnish is very "in" at the moment lovely for winter.

And the Alpine Snow with Snowflake on top is ok but doesn't showcase the Snowflake effects polish as well as it does on Silver Foil but its still a pretty look.

I had fun doing these looks a bit different and hope you liked them to.

Laura xxx

Monday, 28 October 2013

Essie "Twin Sweater Set" Review

This is the beautiful Twin Sweater Set from Essie I'm a massive fan of Essie and literally cannot do wrong in my eyes.  Reasonably priced a huge range of colours and always cutting edge when it comes to their on trend shades.  Some of the most funky colours are in my collection thanks to Essie and I usually turn to them first when it comes to buying nail varnish.

This colour is no exception classic sophisticated red, this is a colour I would turn to for a night out or for an elegant day to day look.  Classic reds will match any outfit so you can be sure that this one will be a head turner.  I think this one may be on my nails on Christmas Day.

It is a little darker in real life than my picture shows its more of where there is no light on the bottle a nice vibrant rich red.   You won't be disappointed.

Laura xxx

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Halloween Look For Girls

Scary right? I think so.  This is the Halloween makeup look I created on Liberty.  She can't wear face paint and has to be really careful what I/she puts on her face as the last time she had her face painted she woke up in the morning.  Her whole face had swelled up and her eyelids were nearly closed, it was like a milder version of someone with a hair dye allergy.  So everything she washes her face in etc i have to really check it out first.  So I thought I would try scary makeup as sometimes it's more effective than painting all the face anyway.

A nice little scar created with my Rimmel eyeliner, well it doesn't smudge so why not.

Her hair is really curly anyway so I just scrunched it with a fab product by Schwarzkopf  i will list all the products underneath.

Hope we don't have nightmares scary face::::

So I've used Schwarzkopf  got2b glued blasting freeze spray, this is brill I sprayed all her hair with this and it doesn't move.

On her eye lids Chanel Mirifique Illusion D'Ombre which is a black eyeshadow loaded with glitter I lined this underneath her eyes to.

And on the lips a black lipstick from NYX called Penelope perfect to complete the look.

I thought it looked all authentic hope you like it.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Marc Jacobs "Daisy"

Is this not one of the most beautiful bottles you say!! I've been after something from the maestro that is Mr Marc Jacobs for ages.  I've been drooling over his makeup collection but haven't got any of it as yet but as I don't own many perfumes I would give this one a whirl.  Yes I really like pretty things and I was instantly drawn to this bottle.  It's a different bottle to the original Daisy this one is a higher concentration.  Quite like the sound of that.

So I ordered the perfume from currently on sale reduced from £54.00 to £45.90 so I figured it would be a good time to get it.  Ordering from Escential is easy and two days after I had paid for it the postman was at the door.  Well wrapped and no wasteful packaging and there was my perfume, which came in quite a pretty gold box.

So what does Daisy smell like well the notes are:: top wild strawberry, violet leaves, ruby red grapefruit.  Heart: violet, jasmine, and gardenia, base: vanilla, musks and white woods.

So once sprayed on you can immediately smell the strawberry and violet and once the perfume drys out you can smell the violet coming through.  The best way I can describe the smell in my own words which is only my thoughts and bearing in mind perfume smells different on everyone.  To me the smell reminds me a bit of a musky Palma violet, these are the retro purple sweets that used to be around a long time ago, but they do sell them in the supermarket.

So is it nice yes it is, the smell is a nice day perfume I would say very light and pretty, and perfect for a gift.  Or a gift for yourself.  Also forgot to mention when you order from they are kind enough to send you a sample of something.  Not that I order from them for this, I just think its a nice little touch.  I had a sample of Nuxe body cream and lets just say samples are dangerous as now I love this.

I'm loving this and I will say its looking gorgeous on my chest of drawers.

Thanks for reading

Laura xx

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence

I love Philip Kingsley's shampoos and conditioners as a rule.  I find his products really gentle moisturising and leave my hair clean and soft.  So when I heard he had a Daily Damage Defence product out I was right on that band wagon.  My hair looks like its been through a wind tunnel most mornings and its not from the constant straightening I do because I don't straighten it.  My damage to my hair is from the constant colour changing I do.  I'm surprised I have hair even left on my head to be truthful,  I love how my hair looks after its been straightened as it looks sleek and non frizzy but I can't do anymore damage to it than I am and that's why I don't straighten it


I try my best to look after my hair but sometimes it does seem like a chore.  The only time I'm great at it as when I'm doing my weekly super blitz of my house I plaster my hair in Elasctiser wrap it in a towel and I'm good to go,  but as my hairs a mega auburn colour I'm really trying to look after it.  So if you are curling, tonging, back combing and constantly messing with your hair then we have to look after it.  We are told that to pro long our colour etc then the condition has to be good or at least improved.

So what is my new improved routine, I wash my hair in Philip Kingsley Moisture Extreme Shampoo & Conditioner squeeze out il either use some Moroccan oil or Mythic Oil then spritz with the Daily Damage Defence Spray.  It does seem to make my hair easier to comb through, and it's not so knotty as usual.  I do blow dry my hair or it would be severely rough, 
So has it got rid of my split ends and frizzy ness. Well I'm not sure anything in the world would or will ever get rid of those pests but I do find this a lovely conditioning spray, there's no waste as for me I only use a little bit, as my hairs super fine anyway.

Would I buy it again, yes I would, as it lasts and does make my hair softer.

Thanks for reading

Laura xxx

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Vaseline Paint The Town Red Review

Who doesn't love Vaseline as a brand I find most of their products very purse friendly and more importantly really skin caring.  I think most people would have the original lip balm in their bags or around somewhere in their homes.  I use it all the time obviously on my lips and sometimes for a nice sheen look I put it on my eyelids it gives you a nice clean look on the eyes.  All my children pinch it especially in the winter as the cold and wind dry your lips right out, and no one likes a dry crusty lip.

So when Vaseline launched their limited edition lip lint I was dying to get my hands on it.  So I did I got it from Superdrug.  The tin is the same size as the original one, the top of the tin has a red painted dripping down look on it and I think that's kind of cool.  The lip tint is red no clues there, it smells really fruity and fun.  The texture is light and is lovely to put on the lip.

This is how it looks on my hand, you get a gorgeous sheer red tint, so refreshingly you do get what it says on the tin.  I didn't photograph it on my lip as I've got the most darkest purple lip stick on today and I think I may need a blow torch later to get it off. But I hope you get to see from the swatch how it looks.

I really really like it, the only downside is its limited edition, which is my ultimate pet hate, I tend to love things that are limited edition and hate it when you can't get products again grrrrrr.

Available from Superdrug £3.49

Thanks for reading

Laura xx

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipliner (Invisable)

If your a regular reader of my blog you may recognise this from a previous wish list.  It's the moisture  renew Lipliner from Rimmel or invisible lip liner.  This was released by Rimmel in October and I was straight to the shops to get it.

I tend to line my lips everyday as unfortunately my lips are a little bit wonky so I line them to try and even them out.  My Lipliner of choice is normally Mac Spice as its a wearable beige shade that seems to match quite a few different lip shades.  But the thought of having a Lipliner you can use with every lipstick is a much better option I would say.

So it's a white pencil type liner as you can see & whats it like to use?  Well it's very clever, you simply line your lips as you usually do and your left with a moisturised lip, perfect for a lip base.  Does it work yes it does keeps your lipstick or gloss within your lips it's genius.  All I can say Rimmel this will have a permanent place in my makeup bag and I won't be without it.

Available from Boots and Superdrug and most drugstores for a purse loving £3.99

Thanks for reading

Laura xxx

Monday, 21 October 2013

Essie For The Twill Of It Review

I really love nail polishes from Essie and so far have not been disappointed by any of the shades I've bought.  A really fashionable range of colours and as far as last ability goes you do get a good few days out of the polish and it doesn't chip until a few days have gone by.

Again sorry I haven't showed it on my nails but I've already got a polish on my nails that I don't want to take it off as yet.  This shade is called "For the twill of it" you are always get a funky name from Essie.  This particular shade is from the fall/autumn collection and if you take a look at that selection there are some amazing colours but this one is my favourite.

So what would I describe the colour as, well the only way I could really describe it, is you know if you see petrol/diesel that's spilt over the floor and its wet and you get that multi colour sheen.  That's what I would describe and it looks different in different lights.  You get a flash of purple, green, mauve and maybe an old gold colour.  It's one twill of a colour, well nothing wrong with a bit of cheese.

 I know I've done a lot of nail posts but a nice nail is important to finishing off a look.  This nail look is not too much for the day time would be lovely for day and night.

Thanks for reading

Laura xxxx

Chanel C C Cream Review

I've only got samples of the Chanel C C Cream as they are currently sold out at the Chanel counter.  So I haven't got a full sized but just reviewing based on the sample sized.  Until recently I had no idea what all the BB and CC abbreviations being bandied around were.  The CC is Colour Correction and I do need that.  My skin is a bit blotchy especially in this weather and does get a bit red, so if you suffer from skin that's a bit stressed and red, open pores and some pigmentation spots then this will be for you.

Once opened the cream lasts for 18 months which is pretty good going so even if you don't use it every day you can rest knowing you can keep it and its not going to go off.

So shade wise it's one colour that suits all, the colour is Beige Rose so a tiny element of warmth in it and obviously the beige.  The cream adapts to your skin so it's not a swatch type product it's purely that shade.  The cream smells lovely a nice fresh clean smell.  The claims are that the cream is enriched with gentle ingredients to cover even the most sensitive skin,  there are moisturising and soothing ingredients within, plus protection in the form of SPF 30 that will still need at this time year.

This is the cream rubbed into my hand, my hands are a little dry this morning so this is how it first looks on my dry hand but it does sink in nice after a little while.  The coverage is not heavy and just gives a nice healthy glow to your skin and a boost to a dull complexion.  

Would I purchase the full size definitely if only I could get it.....

Thanks for reading

Laura xxx 

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Nails Inc "Snowflake" Review

The very beautiful aptly named "Snowflake" from NailsInc.  An effects polish that layers your nails with an icy look with a snowy icicle look for your nails, I've done a few different looks so you can see how it looks.  Sorry I haven't done it on my own nails but I've already had my nails done, but I'm looking forward to doing it on my own especially near Christmas.

So left to right it's:  Essie: Madison Ave-Hue with Snowflake on the top, then Nails Inc Mayfair with Snowflake on the top, then Nails Inc South Kensington Foil with Snowflake over the top, then Snowflake on its own, then Barry M Coral with snowflake over the top.

These are the polishes I've used:: I think my favourite look is the Nails Inc South Kensington Silver Foil with the Snowflake over the top I think that this look is very what I would want for an icy snowy look.

Some Ren Samples From Instyle Magazine

I always saw how much I love samples and I really do a fab way to try products that you otherwise may not have bought if you hadn't tried out.  This little sample set is amazing it came free with Instyle magazine and I couldn't wait to try them.

First in the sample set is the Ren Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Milk, this range is good for skin that is a little sensitised especially in this chilly weather.  You put a little product in your palm of your hand then massage into your face and then rinse off with warm water.  Pat dry and then your left with a lovely clean cleansed face.

The next in the set is the Ren Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream you put this cream on after the cleansing milk and massage into your face and neck.  Smells beautiful and leaves your skin hydrated and glowing.

Last but not least is the Ren Vita Mineral Active Eye Gel this is a clear gel for hydrating and looking after the skin under your eyes.  You pat a small amount under your eyes I have no concept of using small amounts I always use far too much and end up wasting this.  The purpose is to keep the eye area soft and illuminate the look of tiredness,  I found this lovely and refreshing especially if your eyes are feeling tired.

I have heard of Ren before and seen it in Marks & Spencers but never thought of buying it as I had never tried it as I was a bit scared of wasting the money if I didn't like it.  
But trying these samples would I buy anything from Ren in full size.  Yes I would buy the day cream and the cleansing milk in full size as they are absolutely beautiful.  The eye gel I wouldn't only as I already have too many eye gels or creams but I probably would once I've used up what I have.

Lots of love

Laura xxxx