Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Keeping Warm But Stylishly

I'm not a big fan of January for so many reasons, it's depressing after Christmas, it's the longest month ever, and it's always freezing.  Poor America has been battered by arctic conditions and I'm sure we 
will get some sort of chill from it. Brrrr.

So when it's freezing does looking good and stylish still matter, well that's up to you and you alone.  But personally I think so as long as I'm warm.  Who hates shivering well not me.

So what can you wear that still gives you the style element but is practical but warm at the same time.

I've chosen a few pics and added them to my collage above.
What have I chosen?
From the top a cream warm wooly jumper from New look smart but will be warm especially if you layer with a vest top underneath.
And grey skinny jeans a nice alternative to black these are from Asos.
A black faux fur cape from Miss Guided which I think look lovely with jeans.
A black fedora which is 100% wool so will keep your head 
warm and look funky at the same time.  Personally I hate it when it's so cold you actually think your brain has frozen so a stylish hat is a good investment this one is from Debenhams
Following with a good pair of boots, I haven't chosen heels as typically in January it's wet,icy,and or snowy so unless you want to look like bambi heels are a big no.
And then lastly out of my reach financially but one of the most gorgeous tartan handbags I've seen in a while from Vivienne westward.

So keeping warm doesn't have to be boring

Laura xx