Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Make-Up Brush Storage Solutions

When it comes to storing makeup especially if you tend to buy quite a bit of it, it can be a nightmare putting it places, especially when you are sharing cupboards with bubble baths and shampoos and kids bath toys. So I just tended to keep all my eyeliners etc in a makeup bag but in the mornings It took me ages looking for things.

So I had been looking for some storage ideas for a while, there are loads of good storage ideas on the net, and a lot of bloggers like Muji and bits from Ikea which to do, until I came across these little beauts.

I bought these little pots from Wilkinsons
 they are sold as Nostalgia Metal Pen holders priced at £2.50 very reasonable I think.

I've put my eyeliners and lip liners in one, brushes in the second and you can see the third is empty that will be for my huge blusher and bronzer brushes when I get them

What do you think?

What do you like to use to store your makeup?

Laura xx