Friday, 17 January 2014

My Beauty Compare Price Comparison Site

I've been introduced to a new website called My Beauty Compare perfect for online beauty shopping who doesn't like that?
So what's the purpose and what brands are available? 

Firstly there's a huge range of brands from premium to everyday so more than likely whatever you use would be available.  So if your a fan of say Bobbi Brown products you would just click on Bobbi Brown and the site will bring up a variety of products and links to other sites where they are available and at what price how fab is that?

Not only does the site offer this but there is a personalised quiz where you click on what eye colour you have, skin type, climate you live etc to find out what products are suited to you. I think this is genius as normally for things like this you have to go directly to a beauty counter, this gives you a virtual beauty counter.

Personally as a working mother I find it much easier to shop online as I haven't got a lot of time to go beauty shopping so for me this is ingenious, not only that I always scour the Internet for product reviews and My Beauty Compare also offers product reviews to.

This is a clever site so for more info or to take the quiz yourself::: have a look at: 

My Beauty Compare and see for yourself.

Disclaimer: xxThis is not a sponsored post I haven't been paid for this, all thoughts are my own, I've written it as I was asked if I would like to, it's good experience for me. Xx