Saturday, 11 January 2014

River Island Parka Review

I had spotted this parka on the River island website weeks and weeks ago, but couldn't afford the £110.00 price tag as was buying christmas presents at the time.

My sister came down over Christmas and said how much she really wanted this coat in River Island and described it, I couldn't believe it when she described exactly this one.

So armed with "we need it" searched the Internet from top to bottom looking for the coat, but couldn't find it anywhere. So we resorted to phoning River Islands head office, by now we were desperate.  To our disappointment they had completely sold out.  Waa waa we wailed.  You can't do that to two desperate shoppers.

I then thought maybe they got them on EBay and they did so christmas money up in smoke and I bought it.  It did cost me a little more than in the shop but I'm so glad I got it.  It's my favourite coat right now, really heavy, fur lined, and smarter than any parka I've seen, hence probably the reason it sold out everywhere. 

Thanks for reading

Laura x