Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Nivea Hawaiian Bliss & Waterlilly & Oil Shower Gels

A brand that's been around for years is Nivea 
noticed whilst shopping the other day that 
there were new shower gels out from them.
So I picked up two the Hawaiian Bliss and the Waterlily & Oil. 
Both of the shower gels have oil in so I guessed that these would provide more moisture for the skin.

The green one the Hawaiian has more of a manly smell to it: so my boys have been using this one.  I found the shower gel to be actually lovely and left the boys skin smelling nice and found the shower gel not to be drying.

The pink one the Waterlily is a girly one I suppose being pink may have given that one away.  All I can say is it smells pretty and girly I know that's not a smell but that's my only way to describe it. I loved it nourished my skin left it smelling lovely and the oil I think in the shower gel has helped my really dry legs.

I like these my only gripe they don't last too minutes with the amount of showering that goes on.
Please make them bigger!!!

Laura xx 

Monday, 24 February 2014

Marc Jacobs Dot

I think I'm addicted to perfume like most girls I guess and men with their aftershaves.  I'm so bad I even stick perfume on when going to the gym that's sad I know.

I do own quite a few perfumes I stick to a few that are my faves but I love trying different ones.

It's was only last year I smelt any Marc Jacobs perfumes. Known for their stunning bottles I hoped the smell would be as nice as 
the bottles. 

The one I'm liking at the moment is Dot.  The bottle is unique with beautiful ladybirds on. Red and black gorgeous.  
Looks abs fab on a chest of drawers and is very girly.

The smell is fruity and uplifting: 
Wearability doesn't last all day but haven't yet found one that does.

Laura xx

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Bioderma Atoderm Nutri Protective Cleansing Cream

Scrolling through my twitter feed as you do and escentual where asking readers if they wanted to trial a new product: the product was for acne prone skin and my daughter is really struggling with that so I said I'd love to they sent me a full sized product and loads of Bioderma samples. I was so grateful, I'm still testing  the other product and there will be a review soon.  But for now I'm using some of the samples.

I think most people already know the brand Bioderma and maybe own some products already.  I have to be honest I never knew there was so many products in their range.  I tried their cleansing cream the Atoderm Nutri Protective one. This is for dry to very dry skin, I'm normally a bit of a sensitive skin, but with all the hurricane style wind around at the minute my skin gone a bit mad.
To use dampen your face and massage the cream in then rinse off and dry your face gently with a towel.  
The cream is lovely and creamy and smells lovely.  This left my skin feeling lovely.  
And it's a true saying French women don't look great for nothing: as most of the great skincare generally is French.

You can pick up this and all sorts of Bioderma at Escentual.


This is not sponsored or endorsed these are my personal reviews xxx

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

YSL Flower Crush Palette Review

This spring & summer has been amazing for makeup releases.  I've tried to narrow down my favourites as I've liked so many this year. If money was no object I'm quite sure I would have bought loads but I've just stuck to buying what I loved and knew I would use.

I really like YSL their makeup is generally really good and yes packaging is a bit special to.
I decided to buy the Flower Crush Palette after seeing it on 
ReallyRee's page and I loved the look of it.  Anything with a bit of sparkle and generally I'm loving it.
So how does it look and what can you do with it?
Well it's a subtle pinky glow with sparkles of gold glitter in it.  I generally wear foundation everyday and I wear Dior nude foundation and put the blush over the top.  In terms of colour (for me) there wasn't much,  you get a good glow but you do get quite a lot of glitter type particles on your face, so if your not a fan of that this is not for you.  
I really like it but as a highlighter, I need some colour on my face, but with a tan this would be extra amazing, I'm glad I got it.

Have you tried it?


Monday, 17 February 2014

Chanel Spring/Summer Melodieuse 2014

Who's not a sucker for a new lipstick is a right fibber.  You got hundreds at the bottom of your bag, hundreds in other bags, lipsticks glosses in your makeup collection, yet when a new collection comes out you forget what you have, and before you know it your tapping your PIN number in.

And yes I am also talking about myself, I'm a sucker for most things anyway so the Spring/Summer beauties that they featured caught my eye.

One of my faves is the: Melodieuse lipstick that came out.  Why?  Well it's bright cheery and just what I thought would make me feel happy.

The colour is a mix between a pink,coral,and gold so I would imagine would be hard pushed to not suit most people.
Is it drying no not really and wearability is ok.
I think it's one pretty lipstick I can see me wearing a lot this year.

Laura x

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Perfectly Pure Pure Coconut Oil


I'm always on the quest to find a new hair moisturiser or skin moisturiser and I have ones that I use that would always hold a place in my bathroom, but I still love trying new things.  Who doesn't? 

To cut a story short one of my friends friends asked me had I ever tried Coconut Oil as a moisturiser.  I thought the closest I get to Coconut Oil is in my Bounty's, but I do like products with Coconut in as I LOVE the smell.

I've never been into Holland&Barrett before as to me it's all vitamins health and products you take if you go to the gym.  I can see me being a big fan soon as I've started the gym but up to now a bit to healthy,  
Anyway I bought a jar of Perfectly Pure Coconut Oil costing £15.49 which I didn't think was too bad considering the jar is a tidy size. 

Opening the jar you can see its like a solid lump of coconut, for many uses.  What can you use it for?  
Cooking, allsorts but for my uses: they consist of using it to shave my legs, and as a deep hair moisturiser.

You rub the coconut oil between your palms and it turns to liquid so you massage it into lengths and ends of your hair tie it up then wash out later: results are amazing.
If you use it to shave your legs rub it into your skin then shave AMAZING, and as a general moisturiser brill.  
So many uses from this jar.

Laura xxx

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The Forty Frock Off

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Lancome Artliner Review

I used the Lancome Artliner for years, and then last year started using a eyeliner pencil instead.  What's the difference? Well the Artliner is like a very very thin felt tip, to use you shake and then use.  I find it easy to use as the tip is so fine and your liner comes out as thin or as thick as you chose to do it.

The Artliner comes in other colours and I've used the brown one before as an alternative to black.

I'm really into doing a cats eye look at the moment so I've found through lots of practise you really get a clean perfect line with this.  I can't really think of anything bad to say about this, oh the only thing that's a bit annoying is unlike a pencil you don't know when the pen will run out, but apart from that's its amazing.

The Artliner is under £20.00 and I picked mine up from Boots

Thanks for reading

Have you tried the Artliner?


Friday, 7 February 2014

Estée Lauder Modern Muse Perfume Review

Whilst I was working in a department store over Christmas I was supposed to be wearing the brand I was working for all the time and I did most of the time, but I couldn't help spraying the lovely Modern Muse by Estée Lauder.  I've never liked any of their other perfumes ever before, I'm sure lots of people loved them but I just didnt.  

So what does it smell like?  Well it's a light floral smell with elements of wood to it.  It's not too over powering at all I think that's because of the woody ness of it.  It's perfect for day or night and a season all perfume.

I'm glad I did try it because I never would have found it otherwise I think I had it in a tiny sample when I bought something before, I absolutely love it.

Have you tried it?

What's your favourite perfume?


Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Sigma Angled Kabuki Brush Review

had never heard of Sigma Brushes before until I went on a blog reading spell.  I stumbled across Sigma and one fellow blogger raved about them, I can't even remember now who it was now, so I feel a bit bad as I would mention the name, but  I generally can't remember.

The reason I wanted to try their brushes was apparently they were good for using with cream bronzers.  So I bought one from eBay with a reputable seller and gave it a go.  You can also buy it directly from SigmaBeauty, also I would recommend using Sigma Coupons from ChameleonJohn to save on

I have a cream bronzer from Chanel that I've been using with a stippling brush but I've found that the bronzer looked a bit fake on my face.  So tried this one and now I'm hooked "I want some more", the whole way my bronzer has transformed is amazing.  The brush is really soft & I was able to blend the cream into my face and it looked natural plus for contouring your face its perfecto.  They say a workman is only as good as their tools, so in other words beauts we need good brushes.

See you soon

Laura xx

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Pick Of The Spring//Summer 2014 Makeup Collections

I love spring & ; summer for so many reasons the weather clothes: and Makeup woo hoo. So I've picked out some of my  favourite picks from the collections.
I'm loving the Giorgio Armani collection I particularly like the
lipstick range which is showcasing a trio of gorgeous nudes.  

The colours are so wearable but my favourite is the Belladonna Highlighting Palette, as shown above it looks beautiful and I've seen swatches of it and it literally is a must if you like using a highlighter.

Another brand I like is Lancome they have some really pretty pieces out now to their range is called French Ballerine so to me that sums up pretty light pastels which are perfect for spring/summer.  I love the look of the blush as shown and look how pretty the palette is so gorgeous.

And last but not least the Chanel spring/summer collection is a capsule of pretty watermelon colours.  I've got a lipstick and blush from this range which I haven't used as yet so I can't say how it looks but I have got their two illusion d'ombres and they are so light and gorg.  One is a subtle soft pink with a tinge of silver through it and the other is a dark purple but the colour pay off is so flattering.

What ranges are you loving and have you bought anything from any of these collections.
Photos credit of the related makeup brands.