Monday, 17 February 2014

Chanel Spring/Summer Melodieuse 2014

Who's not a sucker for a new lipstick is a right fibber.  You got hundreds at the bottom of your bag, hundreds in other bags, lipsticks glosses in your makeup collection, yet when a new collection comes out you forget what you have, and before you know it your tapping your PIN number in.

And yes I am also talking about myself, I'm a sucker for most things anyway so the Spring/Summer beauties that they featured caught my eye.

One of my faves is the: Melodieuse lipstick that came out.  Why?  Well it's bright cheery and just what I thought would make me feel happy.

The colour is a mix between a pink,coral,and gold so I would imagine would be hard pushed to not suit most people.
Is it drying no not really and wearability is ok.
I think it's one pretty lipstick I can see me wearing a lot this year.

Laura x