Sunday, 9 February 2014

Lancome Artliner Review

I used the Lancome Artliner for years, and then last year started using a eyeliner pencil instead.  What's the difference? Well the Artliner is like a very very thin felt tip, to use you shake and then use.  I find it easy to use as the tip is so fine and your liner comes out as thin or as thick as you chose to do it.

The Artliner comes in other colours and I've used the brown one before as an alternative to black.

I'm really into doing a cats eye look at the moment so I've found through lots of practise you really get a clean perfect line with this.  I can't really think of anything bad to say about this, oh the only thing that's a bit annoying is unlike a pencil you don't know when the pen will run out, but apart from that's its amazing.

The Artliner is under £20.00 and I picked mine up from Boots

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Have you tried the Artliner?